Nintendo Switch (NX) Discussion Thread


7" screen, maybe? When I hold my 5" phone like that, the Switch screen only seems to be a little bigger. Unless this guy has giant hands.


The guy has giant hands I’m pretty sure.


Was I the only person excited for that new Mario platformer sneak peak in the sneak peak?


Up until you mentioned it


@SledgePainter move this to your thread?


Haven’t watched the video yet but I gotta say the name is stupid…


Your name is “Captain BoomBoom”… ^^;


I need breath of the wild so…


Because I bring the BOOM.


I just watched the video again. It DOES have 2 shoulder buttons on each side. With that, 2 joysticks, and d-pads on both sides, I’m sold. Nintendo has held back buttons on every release, but with the last gen of 3DS and this, they’ve finally learned that it’s 100% needed.


It looks stunning. Really impressed with the Switch.

However I’m not sure if it’ll persuade me to switch (heh) over from my PC. I have some money atm which I was hoping to use on a new GPU, so the Switch will have to be packing some pretty awesome stuff to make me want to spend that money there, instead of on my PC.


I mean it’s really just down to whether you want to play Nintendo titles and possibly many 3rd party titles on the go. If you don’t care about playing games on the go and you don’t care about playing Nintendo first party titles then it probably isn’t worth it for you since your PC would be able to do everything else


Not necessarily on the go, but yeah. I really like some Nintendo titles, but I also want to be able to play games really well on PC. It’ll be a hard decision to make.


I mean what’s your graphic card now though? Does it perform well enough as is? And how long would it take for you to save up that money again? Those are some things to think about I suppose.


Honestly it’ll probably be a buy for me. I love a lot of Nintendo titles and if the third party support is strong then I’d much rather be able to take a game like Mass Effect (this being hypothetical of course) on the go with me and play it anywhere than having it look nicer.

The only question I’m having is the battery life. I think it would be good to be able to hit at least 4 hours.


Currently running on a AMD R9 270x. I’m going off to Uni Sept 2017, so was thinking buy a high tier (1070/1080) then I shouldn’t be tempted with replacing while I’m at Uni and don’t have any money :stuck_out_tongue:


I completely understand that haha. I mean it’s definitely a personal decision. They both have their pros and cons. If I was you it would probably come down to how quickly I could get that money back and whether the card you have performs well enough as is. If you definitely need an upgrade to play the games you want to play then buy the card. But if it’s good enough for now and you can get the money back quickly (say next summer from a job) then I’d consider getting the Switch.


Actually I will close mine, since it was a thread begun a long ways back with speculation on the NX. This one is better now that we actually have real info. on it now, but thanks for taggin meh.


Hm, not sure on this. Going to keep my expectations in check for the time being, tbh. I remember how well marketed the Wii was, and look how that ended up turning out.


To be fair they were marketing gimmicky motion controls. This doesn’t really seem to have any gimmicks to it, not even touch screen. It’s just the merging of two traditional products. So if it can perform well in both aspects of the system then I don’t see how it can really let anybody down. Seeing as how we should know the details of everything and they’re not really adding anything new to it that we haven’t seen before i.e. Wii motion controls at the time.