Nintendo Switch (NX) Discussion Thread


I still don’t have a Switch. RIP. Also, I don’t think it’s underrated, lmao.
(I need to change my password damnit! It’s the only reason I haven’t posted on these forums in a while, because I forgot it, and this is on a PC that already had it logged in. I still lurk around every day! :wink: )


Got a Nintendo Switch last month and it is most definitely an astounding piece of hardware.

Allows you to take any one of its titles and adapt it to almost any gaming situation: TV gaming, handheld gaming, mini-console on a small TV (tabletop mode).

Instant 2 player gameplay with joycons is a good bonus. People have forgotten there was a time when a console was sold with two controllers straight out of the box. The Switch is a happy throwback to that era.


You can do everything you did in the first game.
Motion Control aiming is also topnotch. I swear by it and use it in all modes: TV, Tabletop, Handheld.


Y’s VIII is coming to the switch? I remember owning Books 1 and 2 on my turbo grfx/duo

omg love this series.


Although this is a bit late on my part, my attitude towards The Switch has now changed from: “I’ll probably get it at some point.” to “I’ll get it when Bayo 3 launches.”


Oh mai a 2v2 fighter from snk with all their female fighters?

and something original from EA games? that looks fun?!!

and this lil gem (time stamped for the quick trailer below)


The new Mario Tennis looks interesting. Carrer mode is a good thing and I hope they bring that back to other games like the Mario Karts.
Nice to have Tropical Freeze on the nee system.
Same with Hyrule Warriors, never played the original.
Dark Souls will be fun for those fans.

I’m wondering if they’re going to have a bigger dirrct pretty soon. These mini ones tend to foreshadow a big one.


That’s probably not gonna be for over a year now.


Mario / Rabbids Kingdom Battle is my most favorite thing right now. <3

I think I want to get into XCOM!


I would recommend either XCOM enemy unkown or XCOM 2.


This may be true. But I’m also quite keen on getting a custom rig built for myself, so I’m in no rush to buy a Switch just yet. xP


Such a weird idea. Defiantly intriguing. Can’t fault Nintendo for trying things out of the norm for their products. Will easily hit it with those DiY crowds, and that robot game is kind of cool. Bit pricey but if the games are good then it’d be interesting.


That’s Nintendo in a nut shell.

I want to pick this up, but I plan to see if it has legs.


If I was an EA exec… I take one look at the Big Robot Labo game… turn to Respawn and go: “Can we do Titanfall this way on the Switch? We need a way to follow up our record breaking FIFA 2018 run*”

*Switch version of FIFA 2018 outsold PS4 version confirmed.


I see the potential for this, I really do, but not in the demographic they think. I think it will be young adults to adults buying and using…I don’t see many kids in that age bracket (like 6-12ish) willing to try anything that is hands on or creative anymore. Maybe I am just uber salty because my own 9 year old son, despite his MANY toys, creative items like mining out dino bones from plaster, art supplies, and a whole room devoted only to Lego, thinks that when the internet goes down he has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO and rolls his eyes with the utmost of boredom if I even suggest building something, drawing a picture, or folding some paper airplanes.

This kid generation only wants screen time, not time with their hands making cool stuff.

Sidenote…I backed a cardboard Pinball machine project on Kickstarter. This reminds me I have to dig that out…and make it FOR MYSELF.


Back when I was a lot younger, I would’ve been all over this Labo stuff it seems really fucking cool


That looks so cool ><


Skyrim - Here it is my chance to start anew. I travelled across the seas from a land of modest articulation and landed on the shores of Skyrim.

I’ve been here now for 9 Levels. From countless treasures to my very first quest… It involved a boy I found that was praying over a dead body.

now… I’m on a mission to kill the Emperor. This land holds a story, one of rumors of dragons and ancient text. I have not seen any nor have I heard but the words still fall upon me all the same.

Small quick excerpt from my time in skyrim on the switch. you know its a really solid looking and playing port… Like described above I avoided anything known as a main story and just went off on my own. I ended joining the dark brotherhood almost instantly. (never did that before)

Once I am done assassinating the Emperor, I will work my way down the magic college and crank out my spells.

just wanted to share a lil of my Skyrim Exp


tons of switch rpg info including ff7 and 9.

near the end there is



Astral Chain is definitely on my watch list. I hope it’s as good as it looks.