Nintendo Switch (NX) Discussion Thread


People buy multiple at the same time, and sell them for about 100-200$ more than they bought them for each, using things like Craigslist, where you don’t have to give money of a percentage of what you sold (i.e. Ebay), and they walk away with at least $100 more than what they paid for it.

I’ll go ahead and do that, thanks. :slight_smile:


Wow, Ok. So i just unpacked the Nintendo Switch.

Talk about a …
clean? operating system?


Ok, when I was growing up, I bought Blaster Master.

Blaster Master on Switch for 10$ is just right! still love the game!



Am a fan of the Switch. Had it for a while and I can say that it’s a pretty good system.

The only problem I have found to far is the issue people have been having with the left controller. Apparently tons of people are having the same problem of the left joystick ‘sticking’ and forcing the characters to move in unwanted directions.

Bright side is that battery life on both the controllers are actually pretty awesome. Can play for hours at a time. I haven’t tested the system’s batter life yet, but based on what I’ve read it’s supposed to be a few hours, which is pretty nice.


OMG this! It’s so annoying, nevertheless, I tried some of these steps:

And moving close to the Switch usually does the trick.


Ah, so that’s why Link was moving strangely sometimes! Got it now. I died once because of it, and I’m quite triggered about that. I was planning to do a no-death %100 completion of Breath of the Wild, but away goes my dreams…


I suppose I’m lucky because I haven’t had any issues with my controllers.


Haven’t noticed much yet. Except one time it looked like my character might of moved down for a split second.

Now I will pay attention and hope it’s not an issue.

Today tested out something else


I’m having Wii U flashbacks when you say this. I had to be a foot away from it and the sensor bar for Splatoon…and even then sometimes my character would decide to just spin in circles or stand idle while the Wii U lost connection for a second, randomly, at least once every 10 matches.

I’d be afraid to invest in the Switch because I think I’d need to make love to it in order for it to work well for me. :joy: Then again, there is always portable mode and not docking it at all, which might fix that closeness issue.



Playing the Switch in the car is a HUUUUUUGE selling feature. I have seen some folks doing it and man, that is a big deal when going on long travels or having to sit in your car for extended periods of time. If only the Switch came out when I was in college and had hours to kill between classes…


^.^ in 2014 I was hired by Denver police too watch a site that burned down.

The Wii U served its purpose well. Did you know the game pad had built in sensor bar? It came in really handy for those 16 hour shifts.

Today Zelda should be showing up and well it was nice knowing everyone ^.^

Seriously though on car play I can say the switch has another advantage over Wii U gamepad. The volume level is insanely good for the tablet. Loud and clear. While I was playing in the car I had to turn it down below half just so my ears were not affected.

It’s a fun kewl system and I can’t wait to see how it does!



Yep, when it becomes too annoying I just do that :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to buy it, I need a buddy for Splatoon 2 in the future :smiley:


Still gonna wait it out a little longer. Really my sole reason to get it would be Splatoon 2.



Splatoon 2 Look great… I got out of the 1st one becuase my youngest jumped on my account and UNLOCKED everything over the course of a good amount of time.

Kinda killed it for me, so I am looking forward to the new release! (just no motion controls for me.)


This is what I need to hear and will sell me or not on the Switch. Can I operate it like I used to on the Wii U using the motion controls because I don’t aim with thumbsticks. Also, can you still jump to a player’s location or back to base?


oh yeah, from what I have heard the all the control schemes are in there plus a few… I am happy that they are not binding the 1st player to MOTION controls to start off.

oh and this

i didnt even know the PRO controller had motion controls. NICE


Hey guys, if you’re looking for a fun game to play with friends, then you should definitely check Snipperclips, I had so much fun playing this with my cousins.


I currently have access to 4 Switches…2 neon, 2 standard. Also have access to extra controllers (grey only), and also many various games including Splatoon 2. The price would be $300 plus whatever it would take me to ship it to you (aprox. $20 to ship within US, extra games and such included of not, really doesn’t alter shipping price to add extras). If interested let me know but these won’t last long of course.


Got a switch recently and its astounding how underrated it is , its a great console