Nintendo Switch (NX) Discussion Thread


People have been camping outside (well, not quite yet, they have hotel rooms until Nintendo allowed them to set up camp outside) the New York Nintendo store from the start of the month.

Do any of you think you would bring this unit to and from places? Like play it as restaurants or waiting at Dr. offices and such? I really think the unit may be a bit big for that. I mean, the rumor is that this will replace the New 3DS of course but people have complained about the size of the 3DS XL unit as being too big and have sought after the standard size (not easy to get in the US) because of it, so I think people will complain that this unit it too big to haul around? I guess if you only use it for your tv screen though who cares. I personally wouldn’t be traveling with it probably anywhere so the portability feature for me means nothing. On the other hand I do travel with my 3DS in the car, just don’t see using the Switch on the road. Seems bulky.



Yea I know right?

I had to mention it because ALLLL of my guy friends are basically saying they were sold because of that. Same with the Wii U. Which, I’ve never seen any of them do that. lol


100 percent.

Right now Im trapped doing night patrols in Denver and sometime that includes sitting in my car for many many hours. THe wii U was and is awesome for that… But the switch will be much more appreciated… \

Once cheap 3rd party controllers are out, I will install a switch into my car for people who would like to play during long uber trips.


I really think it’s more of a “carry it in your bag” sorta thing.


Sorry to distract from more Switch news but I just posted this:

Yeah, my camera is a potato. Wah wah.



Can hardly wait for the hilarity to ensue. I think this will the the Monopoly game of the Switch…causing friends to hate each other just like the Monopoly board game! YAAAY!

…seriously though, this game does tickle my fancy. The faces the characters make are hilarious.


And then there’s this!?


Seems far better than the switch…


Only thing that draws me to the switch is Zelda, I just can’t not have it, but its money that I don’t have


I’ll be getting one myself. Only downside for me is that the 2 controllers look super small and I’ll probably to buy a pro controller alongside the switch.


Literally the most intense thing I want to do is apply a Phillips.

and it looks like the outer casing is just an additional layer for… the stand? jack extensions…


I wonder if the Switch will have poor connectivity issues. I never used the Wii U gamepad except for Splatoon and I always had to leave my Wii U plugged in, make sure no other devices like a Blu-Ray player or anything else was around it or the box, and be no more than 10 feet from the Wii U sensor bar and the box in order to battle effectively in Splatoon, and even then I had some “communication errors” now and then which caused me to get splatted several times in battles since suddenly it wouldn’t allow me to move, or would spin my character around aimlessly for a few crucial moments. The Gamepad always infuriated me and I would remove it from the room rather than have it force me to use it as a controller for any other games like Mario Kart and such. When I removed it and it no longer could read the gamepad it would let me select other controllers.

This is one of my biggest legit fears with the Switch since my Gamepad experience was total and utter trash with the Wii U. HATED that stupid gamepad and the insistence of games trying to force me to use it.


That sounds really odd. You sure your gamepad wasn’t faulty or damaged anyway?


ive had interference with my wii u too… it needed to be isolated (not to your extreme though).

The connectivity issue (wii u gamepad uses blutooth) should of given you at least 50ft good distance. (wall penetration not the best)


Nope, it was almost never used until Splatoon released and kept clean and crisp, and when I started using the thing, it ALWAYS had connection issues and needed to be plugged in (as if that had something to do with it, even though it was fully charged always). Forget ever trying to use it without being attached to a power source, it just couldn’t function, could not communicate. I believe it had to do with wi-fi interference of some kind since I was able to limit the connectivity issues by always being super close to the machine. I’d move it onto the floor near me while keeping the sensor bar directly in front of me and away from the DVD, Blu-Ray player, Amiboos, Skylanders, etc. Could just be a coincidence because it still would have issues but it was far less when I had everything pretty much directly around me within a couple feet. Could never play with the Wii U from my couch which is about 10 feet away from my TV, plugged in or not. Also, the Wii U is also a couple feet from the router, which I moved into the room just to make it work better for Splatoon.


Uh oh guys…


Why am I the only one updating this thread?


Yes, yes you are


Anyone who has the Switch try licking the cartridges yet?