Nintendo Switch (NX) Discussion Thread


You’re lucky it wasn’t closed for repairs…

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I’m really starting to get nervous. I didn’t know the Joy Cons were going to be priced that high. The costs seem to keep adding up…


Kojima added that he sees Switch as the beginning of a future where people will be able to play any game on any device.

“I feel like cloud technology is what everything will eventually move to,” he said. “It’s further behind right now than I think where people thought it would be at this point, but I think it will go there, and when the infrastructure is ready, you’ll be able to play everything, on every device, anywhere. The Switch is the predecessor to this step."

via IGN…

What I would like to point out… Since the beginning of the WII Nintendo has been working on their cloud since the launch of the tv app. The quote above is a bit interesting! no?


I’ve largely been turned off from the Switch. I am still unsure if I will be keeping it or not. I am conflicted.


How so?



Im not turned off and even though I would love to spend 300 dollars before taxes and more on a toy… id rather invest in a new wardrobe atm.





DLC content? Whaaaaat? DLC content announced before the game?! Will people act like they did with Evolve and PREORDER CANCELED!?

Meanwhile, the more I hear the more I’m backing away from the Switch…

…going to stop by Gamestop (despite the fact that I can’t stand that place) and see if I can slip in a pre-order for the New 3DS Pikachu edition (they seem to be the only place that is taking pre-orders) and try my luck with the 3DS screen type lottery…



You and I as well as everyone else knows that Nintendo will most likely stuff that DLC content full. BUT PEOPLE ARE A BITCHEN about the pay wall for expert mode… (AND THAT I AGREE)

and hey, if you want… i can take your preorder ^.^

It was sneaky of NINTENDO to slide the system in when people are just getting their tax refunds back too… but for me… although i want it… i just cant justify it over a new wardrobe. I mean, 400$ (lets be real people) is the minimum entry point here… and thats 1/3rd my savings goal…

so ya know, clothes win.


It is expensive…The initial cost of the Switch I kinda disagreed with but would have accepted. But then came the extras. Now I know I probably don’t need the Pro controller or the charging controller dock, but I know I’d need 2 more Joy Cons, and the sticker price was shocking…and would need to pay for the multiplayer service (which I would do for all of 1 game), and that’s a lot of money when you haven’t even purchased a game yet…

I’d give away my pre-order but I need to hang onto it for hopeful trading purposes to get the coveted unicorn of New 3DS units with dual IPS screens. I figure it would be an even trade since used confirmed dual IPS units are going for anywhere from $3-400 on ebay. A person might even be losing money to do the trade rather than sell on Ebay, true, but I know I will have the ace in my pocket for betting on Nintendo being Nintendo and nobody being able to get a Switch anytime soon on a store shelf. Then again, the same could be said for the New 3DS…hmm, ah well, I’m using my Switch for trade right now anyway.

Sidenote: I did lock in a pre-order for the Pikachu edition 3DS XL. Maybe I will get lucky and get at least a top screen IPS panel. If not, off to Ebay it goes, since I don’t think Gamestop will refund me on an open unit, nor allow me the royal treatment of letting me preview other units screens before picking mine out. It seems really silly but the IPS I have on mine is on the bottom, with the TN panel on top…where you’d prefer to have the IPS panel if you were to have one! I guess I shouldn’t complain since most are dual TN but it’s very obvious which screen is better when you have a hybrid unit like mine.

Lets hope that the Switch has IPS or better screens for everyone. I can’t imagine that on a device where you need to see it from multiple angles for several people to play off of (as they showed from their commercials) that it would not be IPS screen, but you never know! Of course the best units were the ones all on display during their reveal. I noticed some reviews from popular YouTubers and you better believe that the New 3DS’s they had all had IPS screens, at least for the top portion if not dual IPS. I even just checked yesterday my closest target and Best Buy and they each had a display model with the IPS screen on top (although they had TN screens on the bottom). Once you’ve seen the quality difference you can’t unsee it. It’s flagrant false advertising to show the demo unit with an IPS top screen when in your boxes you have TN screens. I worry for those who want the Switch that the units seen by people already are purposefully the best quality, while Nintendo may pawn off lesser quality for the masses later on.

As for clothing, yeah, that can buy a lot a decent clothes! Decent amount of games for consoles or PC you already have too!


IPS thats a term I havent heard in a long time… I would of thought thats the norm these days. Nintendo is a money calculator so only time will tell.

So were dual ips screens on the 3ds an error or something?


Can someone convince me to buy the switch? My bf wants one really bad but I can’t convince myself I want it.

I don’t travel much. I don’t poop long enough to take it with me to the bathroom.

Why do I need this?



I mean there’s the new Nintendo games like Legend of Zelda, Mario as always, etc.
But I’m still waiting for a new Pikmin game, Metroid to come back, and some others.
Mario and Zelda aren’t enough for me.
Nintendo needs to release a console and hit it huge at launch.
Release a new Mario game, release a Zelda game, release a Metroid game, Pikmin, a new IP that isn’t based on a gimmick, a real Star Fox game, etc. all within a few months of launch window (not all of those IPS but a large quantity).
I ain’t buying a $400 console for a Punch Out clone based on a gimmick.


I’m where you are there.

I do love Mario Kart – but I still have so much to do in the version I own on the Wii-U!

I need a new, fresh IP. Or, a brand new version of an old one!


-whispers- Metroid and Pikmin -stops whispering-


You know for me, its Metroid Prime series. or just another insanely good metriod from retro…

Thats the ONE title that made me sad on the Wii U… it never showed.

and now Nintendo is out of their scifi cycle now… 9(

which means, unless retros like… bam this november… we prob wont see it for at LEAST the first two years.

I can wait for zelda, but that mario… me wants… I didnt care for the galaxy games at all. 64 and sunshine were for me…


If i was to reflect back and look for one title I would like to see redone… it would be Geist

of course, i do miss this


Is anyone else in the studio getting one? If so, have them bring it to the office and show it to you. Also, check out the games that will be releasing for it later in the year. Do you tend to play more solo games or games with friends? I always saw Nintendo as more for fun casual games with friends/family than a serious gaming machine…until Splatoon, that is. THAT game is brutality, especially when Japan gets involved - yikes!


Lol, does any female bring any console into the bathroom with them? That’s what pause buttons are for.


It seems to me that the launch 3DS’s and a couple of special editions had a better turnout for IPS screens than later editions, but it’s honestly a toss up. Even some of the Black Friday $100 edition New 3DS got IPS screens. Nobody knows what they will get with any 3DS purchase…like a box of chocolates. Some think it depends on the manufacturing factory and their components but Nintendo hasn’t spoken up about it. Folks have tried to narrow it down to weight (believing that a heavier unit meant IPS) and serial numbers…even type of inner box packaging…but nothing has been a for sure way to know what you are buying before turning the unit on. The problem has become apparent because, I think, so many people have multiple DS systems now and they can see the screens compared side-by-side. It’s really crappy of Nintendo to go with two different screen types, especially when it appears that clearly, people who are popular and get review items from Nintendo, or stores with display models, will showcase better screens than what you may get in the box. You could get an IPS screen, maybe even dual screens, but you may end up with dual TN or a hybrid (not as bad if you get the IPS screen on top where the 3D features are). You’re all paying the same price but you’re all not getting the same quality unit.