Nintendo Switch (NX) Discussion Thread


So the Nintendo NX was revealed…

As Nintendo Switch!

Any thoughts? I’m so excited!


Looks actually pretty good.
But it all depends on the hardware how does it compare to the other consoles ,or even the tablet market?


This was made for me I need it now

And it’s coming out on march my birthday is in march!


Real question is are we going to be able to use Amiibo and if yes how are we going to?


By bashing the amiibo on the system of course.
The more damage you do the better.


Impressive. It seems to be as strong if not stronger than the wii u, also it has skyrim so im pretty much sold.


Um this console plays Skyrim?! HOLD THE PHONE! This is way better than a 3ds!


If this plays 3ds games I am replacing my new 3ds with this


Yep. You can see it half way through the trailer at the top of the thread.


Oh and I am already planning on trading in my Wii u for a discount at gamestop


Id put that towards an nx. It seems to be a good replacement for it.


What makes it even better is that it’s mobile. You can literally play skyrim on the go! Nintendo you EVIL GENIUS!


Yeah I know by the trailer the NS can play the wii U games so no need for my wii u :stuck_out_tongue:



I am gonna preorder.


It also demonstrates that you take it anywhere! I’m sorry 3DS but being able to play skyrim on the go with ease is just something I can’t pass up.


First time I’ve been excited for Nintendo since I bought the original DS.


I stick by Nintendo, hoping for the day that they make the right choice…

I think the day has come.


I’m actually impressed. This has more potential than expected! I still am cautious though. I want to see what is capable of before getting excited. That said, A+ first impression.


Still hoping it can run 3ds games


Same. Its marketing is flawless!