Ninja nerfs to masterys/game?


just curious as to what you all think about if the devs or who ever makes this game someone, makes ninja nerfs to game periodically or at patch, yet fails to tell us, im wondering cause rock throw used to say for barbaric do 1000 damage to get the reward now its only 680…and it seems rock throw is even MORE random at damage when hitting hunters…

also im pretty sure firestarter was 1000 too now its 840…charger was 850 now 600??? and the wraith’s mastery requirements are different to… i dont play kraken much or paid much attention so i cant say…and behemoth it just came out
sooo just lemme know what you think ive notice this for awhile now really, never brought it up but since I see more and more random stuff going on…now im just curious and have to ask.

either that or im smoking some good azz reef at work and need to laylow …


I was wondering about this myself. I swore Griffin’s 2nd Harpoon Mastery took 120 seconds, but today it was saying it wanted 115.


yah man the devs just love trolling this game



The devs toned down all the masterys a little cause a lot of people thought they were way too much so yeah it was in the patch


I came in and noticed that my Markov landmines were 3 starred as was Daisy. I didn’t elite either of those. I don’t know why they are elited. I aint complaining though. I haven’t noticed anything else.