Nightmares about Behemoth


I really wanna share this because it’s actually kinda funny, I’ve had nightmares about Behemoth for around 3 months now. It’s always that he is chasing me around and it goes on for long but in the end when I wake up he is about to kill me. I have to admit I get really scared when I face a Behemoth player when I play some hunter with friends, I’m always panicing when he chases me as the last one alive LOL. The first dream I had was after I watched an Evolve gameplay in the middle of the night (from hunters perspective, trapper) and he came sneaking from behind a corner and when the trapper turned around he was right there then she got sneak pounced. I woke up in the middle of that night sweating and my heart rushed. His face and sneaking position scares me so much, and his sound effects. I’m not even joking. He is my second favourite monster but it’s not affecting me when I’m playing as him, only watching him from another perspective.

I’ve had dreams about Kraken aswell but they are not the same, in those dreams I’m standing next to/in front of him, touching his face and skin, or I dream about him getting other abilities/gameplay. Kraken really makes me calm, I have no idea why, I love that monster so much.

This is what you get for playing evolve every. single. day. lol <3


Lol sounds cool tho I’d love to have evolve dreams especially lucid ones


Once I dreamed I was a trapper and I couldn´t catch the monster. When I had the chance to dome it and I missed, I was so angry that I kicked my foot during sleep and knocked my toe heavily right into the radiator next to my bed. I´ve had a sprain since that night and it was really painful for a couple of days - I even had to skip my training because of that :smiley: well, never told my friends the real reason behind that injury…


Yeah it is really cool, but waking up and shaking because you are so scared is not that great. But it is so amazing seeing both of them in front of you, it’s a shame I’ve never had a dream about the rest of the monsters, might be because Behemoth scares me alot, and Kraken I am litterally in love with. I always dream about my emotions lol


This is how I remembered I had Evolve.

Had a dream about it and reinstalled it haha.

Pretty sure that means that the designs (and general gameplay) is spot on, as Evolve’s monsters are alleged to be literal nightmares.


Hahahahaha dead rn xD


Dreams about Evolve… I havn’t had one of those since I started playing the game like 24/7. I’m not one to be effected much by things I do throughout the day in my sleep, but I had a similar dream after watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. You can guess what I dreamt of…


Yeah, the designs and sound effects are too good! It may sound childish for people if you get nightmares from a monster game but the dreams I have about Behemoth are terrifying. And in the dreams I can really see how big and heavy he is, and his empty eyes are the worst


I don’t have scary dreams about Evolve, but I find myself getting deja vu in a lot of situations, because after certain dreams about playing Monster I would think “When I went that way in my dream I got caught.” So I’d go the other way and in the post-game replay, my prediction would wind up being right and if I had gone a certain way I would have been caught. Interesting, mm?

Only game I’ve had nightmares about in recent memory was from Alien: Isolation.


Obviously I didn´t play monster enough as I have no clue how it is possible to love a creature like KRAKEN :wink: the two pairs of evil eyes, the mouth, the small arms hanging off his face, the evolve sounds — brrr…


I haven’t seen that movie but googled it really quick, I can guess it’s that guy’s face melting? Looked disgusting haha


It’s Indiana Jones, when the boulder was rolling down onto him. :smiley:


Wow that’s awesome! Yeah that game makes me get a heart attack, jumpscares 24/7 and the Alien is so tall


Yeah that’s the thing, I mean he looks beautiful, I really love everything about him, his shape, his eyes, his hands/claws, his wings, the way he stands and the way he flies, his sound effects are so deep. He always looks so calm and like such a lone wolf (like me lol). Yeah you name it, everything, fell in love with that monster so quick. I can love things that other people find really weird or ugly, and I’m not exaggerating.


HAHAHA it looked so funny when you added that really happy face after saying the boulders rolled onto him xD


He looks like a pokemon and his evolutions in that pic xD


I wouldn’t say Alien Isolation is jumpscare heavy. More suspense horror, but yeah! Great to see other people still loving it :slight_smile:


That is funny


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I love that monster so much.


Hahaha, oh man!!! The second gif LOL best face while getting those banshee missiles in your face :smiley: