Niggling Issues with Pouncing


Heyo, Assault player here. I noticed this happens a lot with the Kraken, but what will happen that’s beyond annoying is that he’ll slam down on the ground- I can’t remember if he’s using one of his moves or not- but I’ll be launched- but before it can even register that I’m flying through the air, he’s already pounced me. So I’m dead. Great.

It’s even more annoying when your shield is up and you’re already firing, but a monster pounces you flawlessly- at this point, typically the Support and Medic will run, while the Trapper just stands there scratching his behind.

However that’s beside the point; my main question is WHY can a monster sneak-attack a Hunter when the Hunter is already attacking them?

Also; I thought that upon respawn, strikes would go away. Are they supposed to?


I learned a new word today.


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Strikes only leave in defend mode, otherwise, they are the monster’s forward progress.

As for the sneak pounce, it is working as intended. The whole idea is that you shouldn’t be alone when it happens - your team can get you out with even the smallest damage to the monster.


This has happened to my team. We all were attacking him he was in the open he just went into sneak then attacked right in front of us and wiped all of us with instant death animations In about 12 seconds. He was stage 2 btw. Pretty sure this changed since the beta. The monsters were never this one sided even at stage 2


I was playing as an Assault against the Kraken and it was just him and I after my team died. I was in the process of making a comeback as he had very little health. I was using the lightning gun and mines against him mostly and I popped invincibility, and in the process of switching my weapon I was pounced and lost the game. I was in shock at how the Monster is able to pounce in combat only a second after shooting him, and my switching weapons made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to have made my comeback.

There needs to be a cooldown as the monster after you take damage, even a few seconds, that makes it so that you can’t pounce. I could not 1v1 the monster and win simply because he doesn’t have a cooldown on pounce. This needs to be addressed because it makes comebacks as a last-hunter-standing impossible. Assault class ESPECIALLY since their invincibility should allow them the edge in the fight for a short time.

What the monster’s being able to pounce in-combat against a last-hunter-standing who is shooting the monster means is that if the hunter reloads, switches weapons, or even gets stunned by a monster, the hunter will lose the game. It’s inevitable. There simply needs to be some kind of cooldown on pounce after the monster takes damage, because it does not make sense to me that an Assault who just popped invicibility and switches weapons gets pounced. Because of these circumstances, there is no possible way to win even against a monster with one bar of health. You HAVE to reload or switch weapons at one point. I’d love it for Turtle Rock to take the prospect of a pounce cooldown after damage into consideration.


Sneak pounce is not an instant kill. It is a slow drawn out animation that drains health at a slow but steady rate. It takes one bullet from anyone to cancel it, minimize health loss, and make it completely useless in combat. unless your team was sitting back and watching you die instead of shooting, there is no way that could have happened. If you are alone, that is another story entirely.


We were chasing him he turned around. It was all four of us right in front of him he pounced on 2 of us, instant killed other 2 shooting him, he turned pounced on one then the other. This was the first encounter we had with the monster that round. Everybody was full health.


I know exactly what you guys mean ever since the closed alpha ive been saying this and in the beta we played the #2 kraken in the world and all he did was melee and sneak pounce, the problem is that even if you are putting damage on him you get stuck in an animation which leaves you vunerable long enough to get another sneak pounce off, i hate the fact that you can be sneak pounced in succession there needs to be a cooldown for sneak pounce. but it does not one shot you


Your story does not make sense. Only one person can be pounced at a time.

Also, if your team is doing any damage to the monster, you will be instantly released. It shouldn’t have enough damage to kill your team if it is exclusively pouncing.

Perhaps people are confusing pounce with melee? Monsters can combo you pretty well if you get cornered out of fuel.


Takran, I’d like you to read the my comment above if you haven’t. I made an insight to pouncing that no one else has yet


I see you made some detail edits! I understand how it can be frustrating to lose to a pounce, but the whole idea is that going 1v1 with the monster is a bad idea. There is a reason it is 4v1 and not 4v4. Knowing when to run and hide is a huge part of the game, and is just as important as understanding when to put on the hurt.


You cant really understand what he’s saying unless you see it for yourself, basically the sneak pounce leaves you stunned after the animation even if you shoot him off of you and in that time he can melee you fire off an ability,and pounce you again then rinse an repeat no matter how many hunters you have with you, with this technique he can completely shut down the assault until hes downed and then the rest of the team.


Can you take a video to show me what you mean? I’ve never seen or heard of something like this before - it seems to violate the fundamental mechanics of the move.


ok I’ll explain better. we started the game in about 5 minutes and he got it the stage 2 we had not seen him before or got into any fights and we’re all at full health. we caught up to him and were all chasing the Goliath stage 2 monster on dam, there was about a 30 meter gap between me the soldier my friend the trapper and our other two teammates. This was where the upper catwalks are, on the left side of the dam he was running along that flat land and we were right behind him about 50 meters. he turned around to attack us but was crouched and was able to jump on me and instant kill me, he then proceeded to jump on the trapper following me instant killing him. then the support and medic came up to try and distract him and revive us even jumped on the support member insta killing him while the medic was reviving the trapper he then turned around and jumped on her thus ending the round. this was all in a Period of about 20 seconds. either the hunters health has been drastically reduced where we can’t take any hits at all or there’s a bug where you’re able to crouch and pounce instant killing any hunters like it’s an animal.


If that happened, either there was a bug or nobody retaliated against the pounces for an extended period. Pounces just don’t work that way. Next time, if you can take a video, it could really help determine if something wrong is happening!


In a 1-on-1, whether you have any other teammates alive or not, if the monster uses the pounce manuever on a hunter who stops shooting the monster for even one second (reloading, switching weapons, stunned by monster melee), it allows the monster to pounce the hunter. When I was playing as an Assault against the monster and my team was dead, I used the invincibility move and I was hitting the monster constantly with the lightning gun, and when I switched weapons to my assault rifle, he pounced within that tiny window. I just think it’s ridiculous that there’s not even a few second cooldown on the monsters ability to pounce after getting shot, so it’s not a bug. I’ll definitely record a video if it happens again.