Nice France Attack Bastille Day


This is pretty new news, but today, July 14th, is Bastille Day (French Independence Day). But there was an attack in Nice in which a truck ran through a crowd of celebrators. 75 people were killed. Please send your support and well wishes to families and French citizens as well any anyone who may have been there. (If you are a religious person, sent your prayers too) My 4 friends were at the event on vacation and thankfully they are alright currently. Keep these people in your thoughts and remember to keep yourself safe too. Take care everyone


I heard about this a few minutes ago people are crazy dude.

Also is it weird to “like” post like this?


No. It’s spreading awareness and showing your support


I just heard about from my friend when playing Evolve.

I am so sorry to the ones of fallen.

Why is the world filled with crazy people!


I feel bad for France, they’re having a really shit year.

It’s saddening because after this event they will probably have to set up blockades and have armed police on site just to minimize these atrocities.


I don’t do any type of social media so I just feel like isn’t the appropriate term lol

Real talk though I don’t see any belief worth the lives of others; these dudes need to be takin out


let us send our prayers. For the ones who have fallen, today and the day before. god bless their souls.


I heard about this. Sad news.

On a side note I read the title as a “Nice attack on France Bastille Day” and I thought you were a terrible person lol


Yeah… I was prepared for a different kind of topic I’ll be honest.

A real tragedy though. Always a shame when something like this happens.


Condolences to everybody who has lost their lives or lost ones today.


Some news report that there were guns and explosive inside the truck. Even though this attack is a tragedy as it is, I’m glad the terrorists didn’t get to use them.


I heard the news today and it’s a good thing we stood in our house (I live not far from Nice, in Mougins).
Those people who died did not deserve this fate, and the one who was driving the truck is now dead (If we was unconscious instead, we could have gotten informations about him and why he killed those people).
Once again, the France has been struck by terrorism and it does not deserve this, like those people who were crushed by the driver.


Sorry, had to.

Although you can pray if you want I guess. Not saying you’re obligated to donate and whatnot.
######Just don’t get triggered. :stuck_out_tongue:


triggering faster then rapid firing a semi-auto