Nibble-Cast Evolve Guides


Hello Evolve community! Having made videos for Supreme commander for a while, I fancied dipping my toe into creating videos for Evolve. The idea behind the videos is to give more depth to the already existing Hunter-guides which are in-game. I think it’s important to aid newer players since the community should be trying to welcome as many as possible. The guides themselves do have my own opinion attached which I know not everyone will agree with - I welcome all of your comments and suggestions in the comments section below the video. Also, please don’t merge this with another topic as I am keen to know what the Evolve community makes of this type of video. Thanks in advance for watching and I hope you enjoy the video!


Hold off on the guides for now, since a big, major, Title Update is around the corner (2 months from now). This could completely void your guides since sooo much is being changed. Just hold off a little longer.

But I always fancy guides to see how other people play classes and how differently they play.


Long time no see Nibel :slight_smile:


Love the video, but I have to agree with @XplosionIncorporated: wait until the big patch drops and then release some tutorials.


Whether you choose to keep on doing them and update them when the next TU drops, or hold off until then, I hope that you’ll continue them whenever that is because I think that the pacing and tone of these videos is perfect.


Yet another one to satisfy the 50 or so people who view my videos haha.


Keep em Coming Nibbel :wink: