Ni-Oh Beta on PS4


So, anyone here played it or seen anything about it?

So far it’s Samurai Dark Souls plain and simple.

Pretty fun for the most part. Even as a Souls Vet it took me a bit to get used to it but only because Dark Souls Controls were conflicting with actual Nioh Controls.

So far the only real gripe I have with the game is the super strong ganks in some tight spaces and the grind for healing items before a boss fight but the healing items bit seems to fix itself as time goes on later in the game.

Also didn’t notice another thread for this so if there is another one well then ur a jerk!

Anyhow, thoughts anyone? Right now it seems like a strong maybe on the buying bit, there’s still plenty to do after 5 hours on the beta.

Edit: Also streaming the gewd stuff.


I’ve been dying to try this. I’ll have to look into the beta ASAP!


I played about an hour so far.

I think the issue with the demo is just that (I may be wrong) it’s a level that’s supposed to be later, but you can farm the early guys if need be and just get a bit stronger, my only issue is the ganking that occurs.

I like it, someone told me it was more Onimushaish/ninja gaidenish but it’s def more dark souls samurai as was stated.

Gunna dive further into this weekend and hopefully come away with a more knowledgeable impression


Definitely worth it! Just be ready for that PJSalt!


I will have all the salt. I am the moron that plays dark souls 3 with luck only and no armor. I cannot wait for this game! It is downloading now.


Yeah it might be a later level, I’m unsure really. In actuality it feels small but that little bit of exploration and uh… deaths… make it seem larger.

Yeah the banking that happens constantly and the fuckers who stab you around every damn corner is beyond Bloodborne levels of annoyance.

Then there are the “Goodbye Health Bar!” Combos!
Or the “GHB!” OHKs…

Took me a bit to find out Weapons don’t have a weight value…

And I hated the grinding for health items just before the boss fight everytime I fought him and died.

Also keep an eye out for the little green smurfs with bowls on their heads… they give you nice bonuses at the Alter.


Ha! I went Soul Level 11 without upgrading anything!

Git gud!


This game is really good, but has a lot of backtracking to one shrine. Either for health or getting rid of items. I wasn’t sure why the game couldn’t be paused or why it needed to be online to play. However, I found out that you can summon a visitor. Meaning that another player can join in CO-OP.
Also for the Revenants: players that died. When you summon them… step back. Don’t think that since you mopped the floor with the bandits, that a Revenant will be a breeze. This game has handed a few players their own asses.

Each of those red swords is a Revenant. Most got killed by bandits and one of them died from falling. :dizzy_face: It’s an open field. Where did they fall from?


I would literally kill someone for a good remake of Ninja Gaiden Black.

Haven’t heard anything about this game though.


The only Revenants that you should look out for are the ones with Spears.

Hammers are slow as hell and lolable at best when waiting for them to run out of Stamina… which by the way don’t even think about using those ugly things. Dark Souls had a good place for them but Nioh doesn’t. They’ll kill you in more ways than one.

Swords and Dual Katanas are a tossup when used by Revenants although usually dangerous.

I will say this though, I hated the second boss of this Beta. She’s a twat. Just as a heads up, don’t use your Paralysis Curing items for the first few times you fight her. Only use it later if you feel like using it will actually help you win. I on the other hand didn’t know how or where to get them after I blindly used them and so I had to kill her without it which wasn’t too bad but she’s still a twat. Also don’t let her… uh… “kiss” you cuz then she will heal.

Still hating the need for farming healing items because God forbid you have a stockpile ready when you die…


Got to try this game today. This is definitely joining evolve and dark souls in the ranks of my favorite games. It’s amazingly well done!


What about the uh… “tedious” aspects? Like having a bunch of Coin currency with nothinggood to spend it on or the farming Healing Items before a boss fight? Or have you not gotten to that point yet?


Well, it’s not perfect, but hey, bloodborne had the same problems, and I love that game too.


Well yeah it had that problem at first but then I realized that Bloodvials and Bullets went into your item box if they were extras and you’d just respawn with them in your back pocket.

Here it’s just… no more than 10 and that’s it… if you’re lucky.

If you’re out of Elixirs then you’ll spawn with 3 (at first) then later 4 and I think I got to 5 by the end of the 2nd main mission. I also can now carry 11 Elixirs so that’s still 6 Elixirs I gotta go farm before I feel like I have a decent chance with some of these bosses.

Although that was at first. I’ve gotten a little stronger and better at the game like I fought the first Boss on the Twilight setting (level 25 instead of 5) and I killed him the first try.

So while Bloodborne had a similar set up it was a little more reasonable than this version. I’m assuming that later on you’ll just spawn with full or mostly full Elixirs so maybe later it’ll be less of a hassle.