Next year im in university


The best choice you can make right now, is to invest in yourself and your future.
Put that money away.

Life is about maintaining ratios, As a first year student, you have much to learn and you’re going to realise that alot of life’s unexpected gifts, usually result in your bankaccount depleting.

There was talks of revival a while ago, you can do your research if you want.
Even if you got investments from 20, 000 people…
1,000,000 / 20 000 = $50 per person…

For Evolve’s IP, you’re gonna be looking at minimum $10 Mil. And thats only IF, and i say IF 2k is willing to sell…

Their is no reason for them to sell.
$10 million on a shelf, is worth more to them, than $10 million in liquidated funds. (Banks like the Bird in hand analogy).

So lets assume they sell at this point, there are 2 possibilities…

  1. You Buy the product, Evolve 2 is a huge success…
    2k looks bad for not being able to manage an I.P.
  1. You Buy the product, Evolve 2 flops, HARD.
    2k Looks bad for allowing it to re-enter the market. They will be blamed for its re-release…

kinda a no-win scenario, you can look more into it, and it gets more complicated…

Personally, i’d rather TRS worked on something new. They are great, talented individuals that always seem to find a way to tantalize my gaming needs.

Best of luck in school


But at the same time there is no incentive for anyone else to buy the IP, as 2K is just letting it sit out to dry afaik.

I mean it’s possible, but by no easy means necessary. Plus it would be a whole crap shoot once the IP is bought, since it would come down to whether the gaming market says yay/nay.

If 2K asks 10 million for it, then we’ll have to bring in Doctor Strange to Bargain.


I understand that it is gonna be very hard but there is always the chance and i want to hold onto that.

I am going to try and contact 2K and see if they are willing to sell it or not.


I usually have these crazy ideas. The reason i want to study engineering is because i want to make a titan like robot from titanfall. And im still gonna go for it.




I would say, in a world of possibilities, that one is pretty far out of scope.


Then that means this next IP will be better than Evolve. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

In the meantime, good luck and keep up the hard work. I’ll just be here lurking and posting glitter/emet stuff :eyes: