Next year im in university


While im studying mechanical engineering , im going to do what i can to get a ton of money to try and buy the IP for Evolve.

At the moment im busy with final exams. And if all goes well i will be studying engineering next year. Like i said i already have a bursary that pays for house and food for 4 years and i get 100$ to spend per month.

I dont want to see this game rot. I want to give it to TRS.



If you gather a ton of money while you’re in college please let me know how, I was flat broke til the day I graduated :joy:


I think he’s talking about making money afterwards.

@Venomic211313 don’t forget to collect the Goliath statue sitting in a storage shed so I can have it. #FreeGoliath #NeverGonnaGiveGoliUp


You have some competition there bud, that statue belongs to me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I might use a pateron or something for others who want to help me.


Do you just not understand how much money that’s gonna cost?


Realistically, MILLIONS. However, it’s nice to have some optimism. :slight_smile:


There’s nothing wrong with setting some goals in life, even if they seem are hard to reach.

I have read so many news about different people making unbelievable things, so I wouldn’t be that surprised if our friend here actually fulfills his goal. :+1:


You have almost a zero percent chance of actually reaching this goal, but I really hope you do reach it somehow.


Just noticed your new profile picture. How’s rapture been Mr. Ryan?


I’ll purchase it first!


I think you missed the part where I signed the adoption papers already.

TRS and 2K already made their money back, so you’re looking at around 1 mil (or whatever 2K paid for). But just because you bought it doesn’t mean you can do much with it.

I’m sure TRS is full-speed working on their new IP so development of Evolve would be slow.

Plus with the stigma that still exists with Evolve it will definately hurt any return investment so people would be throwing 1+ mil at nostalgia.

However TRS could make an Evolve 2 and since it’s separate from 2K they could overhaul the game, market it with “no DLC bullshit.” Then everyone is happy like Destiny 2 vs OG Destiny that people hated. Make it F2P, streamline the pvp if not add a story mode (which would go along great since the lore of Evolve is complex and unknown outside of the community.

However, speaking of that @SlabOMeat is re-buying the Evolve franchise out of the scope of possibilities if the next IP makes profit? Hell I’d donate as much as I could for the buy-back (but I’m broke college student atm). Or we can sweet talk Elon Musk into sparing a few million in pocket change.


TBH that video makes me feel dead on the inside.

But here’s a better one:

“If it’s Popsicle, it’s possible”


Im no expert in bussness but i once heared that if noting is done with a IP in years, its worth decreases drasticly.


I may be wrong


Also im sure that others wont mind helping me if i use a patreon or something. I am no thief and i genuinly want evolve to not remain dead.

  • i got a bursary, so house and food and studies are paid for me . So i can save up more easily.


Relatively speaking, that bursary money would only be a drop in the ocean compered to Evolve’s IP price. You’ll save a lot more money by using a high-paying job and a frugal lifestyle.


It wont nessaserally be next year, but i will save and work untill ican afford it.