Next weekend Art project!

I have decided I am going to make a wall goliath head out of paper mache similer to the pic im posting. To hold my Skateboard. Good idea?? images of screaming G would be great! Thanks!


I support this idea!

i also support this! looks amazing!

Now this just awesome.

Do it. :smiley:

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watches thread to see finished project


It was about time I got to use that bookmark function.

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Is there any update on this?

Hey, Still a work in progress. Takes more time than I had anticipated. Taking shape tho! Ill have pics soon!

One word for this…

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Watching this thread

Any word on this yet? :smiley: The thought of a Goliath mouth to hold something for you is awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything to do with goliath is awesome.

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It’s coming together!! I should have a few preview pix up by next weekend hopefully! I am about 75% done on the construction. Now I’m wondering if I should paint it or just whitewash it. Hmm…


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