Next Patch ETA?


Does anyone know when the next patch is goin live and what we can expect?

I hope to see a much needed behemoth damage resistance buff along with some balances for slim and crow. Both hunters are extremely unbalanced and behemoth seems to be the complete opposite of what wraith was pre 2.0.(imo)


You would be amazed what happens when you can effectively ambush with Behemoth. Complete. And utter. Chaos. That being said, I heard word a micropatch is dropping this or next week.


Temp Patch notes at the very least would be nice.


Wraith ambushes usually have a tonne of insanely bright light. Makes you blind. Kraken ambushes leave you begging for the explosions to stop. Goliath ambushes send you flying and scattered.


And Behemoth ambushes don’t happen, I see you from halfway across the map.

Oh man, how many times did he think we’re going to miss him…


nerfing sunnys god damn shield drone would be a AMAZING start…spam spam spam drone drone drone all day er day…makes for a fun game…not… who designed this type of stuff before putting it in public realm ? did it even pass testing cause im sure a ENDLESS shield drone is what they really ment to do… amirite?


Spamming shields is good for nothing my friend, when you place a shield drone, the shields are empty and you need to wait for them to recharge until they can block damage. You should inform yourself first before calling things like “drones spam” when they clearly don’t work like that.


Heh, it works when you double back on your own tracks and ambush them from the side. Or hit Stage 3, armor up and wait for them at the Relay on certain maps- Medbay in particular is MADE for this, if they’re coming from the eastern portion.


I.e. In enclosed places. Which doesn’t really work when my Gobi sees all.



I don’t mean to sound needy; but it has been a fair week since 2.0 dropped. In that time I haven’t played the game so I’m one of those people eagerly awaiting news on when we can return to the game. Having an ETA would be a godsend.


@Matthew mentioned that the next patch containing the new vocaps are due in 6-8 weeks.


MacMan said to expect micropatches this week. Matthew said the next big title update would be in six weeks.


I don’t see how you can spam it when it spawns with empty shields. Well you can, but what good is that?


There is a six second window between putting a drone out and it shielding. You can kill a Hunter in two.


If only they wouldn’t dodge away, ain’t that right.

Shield drone spam is useless because it can charge for quite a while, giving it extra battery in the meantime, and providing the team with extra cover.


Yeah if you have trouble with Sunnys shields you’re not a good monster player, they are very easily countered


A very good Sunny can still be a pain in the ass like noone like her. You need to try to avoid letting her setup her gear. Be up in her face a lot and she can’t. If you manage this, your damage output will be highest. Jetpack boost is a little unreliable at times and if you melee hit a hunter, he cannot jetpack away taking the hit.


SlabofMeat said to expect the patch next week.


He said that last week.


And he said it again yesterday.