Next monster's name is Grounder?


Ok so I was watching ign’s e3 stage demo of evolve where they were having an interview with Chris Aston and Phil Robb and Chris was talking about unlocking the monsters and he said that after you learn the abilities of Goliath, Grounder is more easier to understand and play as. Also he said Grounder is harder to start off as then Goliath. So using this info I think the first monster we can play as is Goliath, then grounder than kraken. If anyone wants to see the video, here it is and chris starts talking about grounder at the 11 minute mark:


Grounder was Kraken’s original name, referring to him using the hunters as grounding spots for his lightning. This has been confirmed by the devs


Someone already pointed this out. The reason he said Grounder is because supposedly Kraken used to be called that. It’s science stuff to do with electricity flowing from one thing to another (grounding)


I also saw that little slip…but for some reason the name Grounder just doesn’t have the flair of Goliath and Kraken, so I wonder if that really is the name or maybe a working name. Either way, I am pretty sure the third monster will in fact have some type of digging ability. One of the devs had mentioned that the dome shield is a sphere that continues underground, so my next thought was that the dome would also be able to trap an underground monster!


Interesting! I’m going to have to re-listen to that audio but I can see how that could have been an old Kraken referral.


Either way it makes me disappointed that this guy isn’t going to be the next beast:


Ok thanks for the replies! I think the next monster might be a burrowing monster because they already have one that flies, one that runs, they should have one that burrows but I’m wondering how it would climb up stuff


I imagine it’d climb normally like Kraken and Goliath. I really hope the last one does dig though, that’d be awesome


Grounder was the original name for the Kraken, as others have said.

There wasn’t any kind of unified naming convention for the monsters. Some monsters had Left4Dead names, names that sounded like what a normal person would shout under stress when they see the thing. Some monsters had formal names that sounded pseudo-scientific and some monsters had obscure names that no one would ever get.

Like “Grounder.” It was hard to imagine a normal person shouting that in combat the first time they see the thing. But what would they say? Probably “Squidbeast!”

And Hyde does in fact habitually refer to the Kraken as “Squidface.” But we couldn’t have that as the official name for the monster.

I seriously considered pitching Cthulhu since as far as I know it’s in the public domain and it seems very likely that people would naturally say that when they see the thing for the first time.

I hate overthinking things, especially names, I prefer names people have an immediate, positive response to, rather than something clever that has to be explained. We went through a couple of names (Brute, Reaver, Ripper, all very L4D) for Goliath. None lasted more than a day. When we finally tried Goliath it was an instant hit and sort of pointed the way to other monster names.

They should be vaguely mythological, ancient, historical. Kraken works for Monster 2 because it looks like a squidbeast from the depths of the sea.

People were worried that the named Kraken would trivialize the monster, because of the popularity of the Clash of the Titans quote, but in my experience shit doesn’t work that way. As long as you’re making something good, something interesting, the name very quickly becomes just a label. It doesn’t matter what association people made before, once they’re playing Evolve “Kraken” just means “that monster, there!”

Third Monster Deduced! (As much as I can ^_^)