Next Monster Revealed


It took me a while but I’ve worked it out.
Turtle - Rock
It’s clearly some form of a hybrid rock turtle.


Fear their version of Gamera




It could be the most formidable Monster when it reaches Stage 3 but for balance they make it a little tougher going at Stage 1. :wink:


Truly a fearsome predator.
Kraken be damned.


So he moves really slow and transforms into a rock when the hunters are nearby.


would be cool if it could curl up into a boulder and then roll over all hunters


I guess you could say
the hunters got


That pun was soo bad idk if i am going to like it or not.




Reeel talk though
I feel as though I’m a bad person for making this thread
look at all the views it’s gotten and all the people I’ve disappointed


It’s in off-topic, I’m actually completely ok with this thread :smile:


We have to take some time to enjoy ourselves too while bickering about nuance. I agree, it is in Off-Topic and isn’t posted by someone official. Let the frivolity reign.


What happens if it actually ends up being some kind of hybrid turtle though? O-o


Black hole.


I like the idea of an arachnid of some kind, able to impede Hunter movement and mobility while having less offensive power and maybe a faster climb rate for evasion. Seems like it would be pretty far away from what’s already in place and something people could immediately understand.


Then you shall be hunted down and questioned for the rest of your life regarding future content of Evolve. No matter how much times you have it wrong, people will praise you for that one time you’re right and you’ll never live a normal life again!


And he shall forever be known as the Evolve-acle