(Next Gen) Gta or Far Cry 4?


Ok so I don’t know which one to get. I have gta 5 on my ps3 and far cry 3 on my ps3 and enjoyed them both a lot, I’m not sure which one I want… Like gta 5 is gonna be the same thing but with better graphics (getting it on ps4) ans far cry 4 looks way too much like far cry 3 and I don’t know if that’s a good thing? Help me decide!


Go for the new game over same game + graphics bump.


I watched some gameplay of 4 and what I liked was the person playing it said it was the same solid gameplay from the first with some extra stuff but this time with a much more enjoyable and imersive story compared to the spoiled college kid save my friends store of 3. I pretty much playing like 15 hours just going to radio towers and blowing stuff up then got tired of it so I’m looking forward to the same fun gameplay with a plot I care more about. The first villain was good and the voices in 3 were good I just couldn’t get into it.


Co-op mode where you get chased by yetis (source)? Yeah, I’m gonna have to go with Far Cry 4.

P.S. Technically that mode is from the season pass, but still.


If you can hold off till Black Friday there sure to go on sale


Personally I would go for Far Cry 4. If you already have GTA, then all you are getting is an updated graphical version of the same game while with Far Cry 4, you are getting a new sandbox to play in.

Admittedly I am still looking at rental copies myself till I see otherwise at which point, Steam sale or Green Man Gaming will have a solid deal to snag them both.


Yeah I think im gonna go with far cry


Agree with that plus…COOP!