Next Challenge: Mammoth Bird Cull


Idea for the next challenge, something every player can get in on, both monster and hunter:

Cull the Mammoth Birds. Revenge against these slayers of monsters and hunters alike!

Skin reward suggestion: Albino Trapper set for Daisy/Gobi

Disco Ball skin for Behemoth.

Thoughts, suggestions, or just pass me my torch and pitchfork and lets KILL ALL MAMMOTH BIRDS.

Poll: What hunter should be featured in the next event?
Huge Nerf Needed for the following
Thanksgiving Mammoth Bird Hunt Challenge(Not Achieved, Mammoth Birds OP) D:

Those Mammoth Birds didn’t do anything other than troll people though…


When you eventually get rekt by one, you will see how awfull it feels like.


I’m down with mammoth bird culling! Lets get this party started!


I’ve only put like 10 hours in Evolve, not had it happen to me yet.


Only two ? Sheesh.


I’ll join the group then.

######They tried to shock me…


We need the strider buff from the butcher thing in the evac, just with mammoth birds.


Yeah those mammoth bird do show up at the wrong time, especially when your the lone hunter alive and low on health then comes a mammoth bird from behind match over :weary:.


I dislike Reavers more, but I have been killed by a Mammoth Bird before :,( as a monster to boot


I’ve run into a pack of SEVEN mammoth birds. They were waiting around a corner for me, as if on cue.


So far topping your entries! Here’s three more!

That makes 5 for me so far.


If i wasn’t such a lazy idiot at screenshotting… urghhh… you just wait !


Lets make this thread…a thing.


Very good movie indeed.


I can never tire of screenshots of dead mammoth birds, mentioned the challenge to Phil Robb in the twitch chat, he seemed to think its a challenge the community could definitely get behind.


I also like the idea of getting an albino Daisy. :smiley:


What we need is a petition to boost Sunny’s damage up 5% after the nerf so she can one shot those damn things again


THE ELECTRIC CHICKENS MUST DIE >:( …for science of course


They look so sad :’(