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So all of the Assaults that are available, their main weapon of damage is generally close range. How cool would it be if our next Assault (who is a female) carried around a massive sniper rifle, like she has to hold this puppy on her shoulder and needs to be supported with a robotic arm (similar to sunny) I think it would be a real interesting character if the Assault had to use medium to long range instead of all-up-in-yo-face type deal, it would change up monster gameplay for sure and hunter strategy :smiley:


Torvald says hi.


What would be the point of the personal shield then? Assaults have that because they are supposed to be the body blockers. I don’t feel that sniper type weaponry work well with an assault in the context of this game. Assaults are designed to be in the thick of things.


Yeah but his is AOE and it’s not precise :tired_face: it’s not really a long range tool because once you put torvald up against Kraken, or Wraith his ‘long range’ weapon is useless

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Torvalds says bye to abducting Wratihs.

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I like his idea and don’t see a conflict with the personal shield. When you play any of the existing assaults you usually don’t put the shield on when you use their secondary weapon so if you make the next assaults primary weapon a mid-long range one she still needs the shield when she uses the secondary close-range one.

I simply like the idea of having a female-badass-sniper-like-assault :heart_eyes:
With Torvald and Parnell there is too much shotgun close-range battle already, time for a change with the next assault!


That is called bias and why you disagree with me. Assaults are not designed to be that way.

Still disagree. The purpose of the Assault is to do damage and create ‘anti-zones’ whether they are through mines, toxic grenades or Parnell being a mobile one do to his damage and Torvald with his morters. They are all designed to either force a monster to relocate, or pause before attacking an area. Snipers do not do this. Neither would the sniper need to be up front, so instead of the Monster wasting attacks on the damage dealer (Intentional or otherwise. I viable strategy is to run next to the mosnter as assault as the Monsters melee attacks can hit you instead of the focused target) I just feel that this isn’t an assault. This is a support character with sniper. Even in real life, snipers are considered to ‘support’ an army, not be the main assault force.


Female assault saber. Weilds energy sword.


I don’t like the idea of the sniper assault. but a cool ability for one would be to spawn a platform that rises out of the ground, maybe a mechanical thing 20 or 30ft in the air. . so you can view the battle and snipe

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Totally what antiquity93 said. They need to do is make one with a bigass sword, spear whatever that charges the shied ability like slim does his. and give her a hook-robothand to close the distance, and the cannon or a bow for mid range shooting.The ranged weapon could when charged do poison or kill his smell so she can survive or something. And maybe the sword and the weapon is the same thing cause its a gunblade, maybe…

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People are so quick to dismiss things & come up with reasons why they wouldn’t work. Torvald has long-range mortars, Parnell has long-range rockets - every Assault has a weapon to use at range, there’s no reason one of their weapons couldn’t be a long-range rifle. It wouldn’t have to be like Val, a proper single-shot sniper weapon, but it could be, and that’s one of 3 weapons in a kit. It’s not a bad or unworkable idea, especially since there would also be close-range weapons in the kit. Anyway, sniping in Evolve just means hanging back a little bit - you’re still part of the fight, you can still move in, and everyone will get focused eventually. A Personal Shield is obviously useful on any character. I WISH Val had a Personal Shield.

If we’re getting technical here, this is same purpose of a sniper - creating no-go zones on a battlefield, taking out enemies before they can take out allies - this is very similar to the role of Assault in Evolve, but they also need versatility in close-range. There’s no reason it would have to be a sniper-only kit like Val.

Snipers get far more kills far more efficiently than anything short of artillery or bombs. Front line grunt troops have to spend an absurd amount of ammunition just to get one kill. Evolve is not a normal battlefield, it’s not human armies fighting, and Hunters don’t just carry one weapon. I’ve wanted to see an Assault with a scoped version of Cabot’s rail cannon for a long time.


My dream 5th assault is a female with some badass power armour, her main weapon being a big energy or laser rifle for long range use. With maybe stuff like an energy net to slow the monster slightly while doing damage.

We could totally do with an Assault good for Kraken without relying on it being grounded.


At very least I think Assaults should always be on the offensive, always looking to setup a good shot on the Monster.

It wouldn’t fit the class’s flow for one to sit back and attack at range most of the time.

An old idea of mine featured a long-ranged laser weapon with the gimmick of becoming more damaging the longer it was fired without ceasing on a charge system.

That way the character would be forced to chase the Monster and keep constant Los to maximize damage.


What if, this was like pre-patch cabot style or so damage from the gun, or lets say enough damage to demand the monster focus the assault because the primary gun does not work well in close range or on the run. Then the shield would have a use to protect the assault from the monsters aggro.

I still don’t know if it would work, but just an idea…



Gordon wields a back mounted laser beam, the laser aids gordon precision and constant damage when there is clear line of sight. The laser cannon ressembles the traditional robotic technology created with the help of sunny. This assault will do constant damage and is able to switch to the sonic cannon to aid in punishing the monster. Generally the tactic is for fleeing monsters, to get the lock on it, the trying not to let the monster break the line of site. While in the dome, Try locking on to the monster first, the laser cannon will begin firing a steady beam of energy into the monster allowing Gordon to switch to the sonic cannon at close range. Line of sight is key. Keep obsticals clear between you and the monster is key for this constant damaging assault.
LASER CANNON (back mounted)
-a secondary weapon that dominates in range.
-a timed lock on system to aid in accuracy ( 2-4 sec lock in crosshair lock on activation)
-can be fired without zooming ( makes the weapon more pleasurable rather than annoying)
-does 1/2 the amount of constant damage that markov’s lightning gun puts out.
-keeping it continuous fire but only when locked on
-making it auto fired after lock on ( letting the assault switch to the sonic cannon)
-If the line of sight is broken even for a second, the auto-fire will stop and it will begin the recharge animation.
-can be fired regardless of the cooldown energy amount.


-a primary instead of a secondary ( to feel more like an assault)
-3 clip size

  • increase damage pershot to feel rewarding ( similar to all the damage trovalt’s shotgun outputs in one auto round in one shot of the sonic cannon. damage is debatable)
    -increasing the reload time to 3 seconds to make up for the constant damage of the laser cannon.
    -keeping the spread damage most effective when right upclose to the monster for maximum damage potential.


-it is now a gernade rather than a self effect.
-their is no aim time
-similar to a flash bang, defending focused hunters and aiding in keeping line of sight for longer.


-assault class special ability

older version below

Gordon VERSION 1



Psssst do you work at TRS?


Gordon version 2


Love the Gordon-idea!


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