Next Assault!


So currently we have:
… Ice next? Like the next assault uses liquid nitrogen or something to deal damage, and idk what the accessories would be. Thoughts?!


Ice eh? and people want a female assault too… You know what that means? THE COLD NEVER BOTHERED ME ANYWAY

Seriously though an ice assault would be cool (pun totally intended), He would have slows which damage over time too! Maybe also a Lazer ice type gun you know like Mr Freeze, stops movement of the monster for a short time or when shot it would slow and eat away armor at a rapid rate…


I am in love with this idea right now.


Elsa in a mega suit. That would be interesting to watch :smile:


OMG! Yes!!! One of her powers will be singing! Screw you monsters I can sing!


I would have said like include a flash freeze grenade but the grenade has already been done. Thinking of something that compliments ice a lot more


I can smell the “OP” threads already. Time to polish my keyboard for all the merging and closing I’ll be doing. :slight_smile:


Nerf Elsa! Her mega suit is op! Her singing is op! She’s all op!


New Assault is OP! With her singing-strike she melted down the monster in 2sek.

I’am so glad, I survived an encounter with her in RL earlier. Since then I have to use wallhacks and enemie-markers, becaus I cant hear any more.

True storry.!