Next assault class


For some reason i picture the next assualt class to be a girl with a rocket launcher and a badass laser rifle or long range shotgun. Anybody have any thoughts on a hunter youd like to see?


I really want to see a female assault…that would be killer in and of itself. I’m thinking Vasquez from Aliens.


That would be so badass


The Lightning gun is almost like a smart gun in that once fired it keeps hitting that same spot if it’s in your FoV. A Samus type character from Metroid would be cool. Have a heavy set of armor with a certain set of armaments, but at any time {You could use a skill that jettisons the armor, maybe even fling it at the monster} (Of if you take a certain amount of damage) you lose the armor, take more damage, but have access to different weapons.


That would be cool i could actually see this in the game like a guardian shield that reflect damage badass


I’m sure the assault will have a female considering the two females we have now are in two different classes. I hope it happens too!


Whatever it is it will probably have one lesser damage long range, one higher damage short range and some type of area denial utility tool


I expect it to be awesome like the rest :slight_smile: (i hate the new emojis)


I’m hoping for an assault that has some sort of pull/knockback mechanic to it.


I’d love to see a female assault in the vein of Brienne from Game of Thrones. A woman fighter who’s just as big and tough as Markov or Hyde.


Pull sounds more like a trapper but knockback could be nice if they were a brawler type role. Although I thought someone said that Hyde was the shortest range of all of them.


We also don’t have an explosive assault yet. Perhaps a grenade launcher/rocket launcher (Different than Bucket’s of course)


I think we’re unlikely to get one. Both the Assaults we’ve seen so far have one mid-long range gun that does modest damage, and then a short-mid range gun that does heavy damage. It’s clearly an intentional design to encourage Assaults to get up in the monster’s face and draw it’s attention, then pop their shield to absorb its damage. A rocket/grenade launcher would be a mid-long range weapon that does heavy damage and wouldn’t fit this basic class design element.

Plus, they seem to be trying to give us a wide variety of weapons between classes, and Bucket already has a rocket launcher.


What about C4 as opposed to the Grenade/Mine slot? Timed explosives could be interesting.


Maybe. I note both assaults seem to have weapons that play into a central theme. Hyde is the chemtrooper, so his grenade and his flamethrower are both chemical-based weapons. Markov is all about electricity; even his assault rifle and arc mines have an electrical effect. So, whoever the third assault is will probably have some similar theme trying their weapons/character together.


Do explosives (Markovs mines and Buckets rockets) do self splash damage? Does anyone know?


We heard that they do, but weren’t given specifics for drop off damages.


Not sure. I don’t think hunters can damage themselves, but some of the bigger explosives, like the orbital barrage, can cause knockback.


I think that perhaps the 3rd trooper will be built around projectiles (If they carry with the theme) and have some sort of a mechanic that deals with time. Either up front quick and bursty damage, or DoT for a longer duration.


I think a 1 way shield dome thing would be quite cool for someone to have. So if the monster has lefta hunters body briefly, you run to the body, activate the dome shield which would have a very small radius, but would be large enough to fit all 4 monsters in? It would be the opposite of the mobile arena, it would be you cannot get in and can only get out. It would shield everyone inside the dome from external damage, to make revivals easier. It wouldnt be portable,and would have a short duration, and fairly long recharge. Thoughts?