Newsflash: Hunters quit too


Just wanted to say hunters quit when they are losing just as much as monsters, and I say that as a diehard monster player. I’ve had so many hunter teams fully drop out when the last guy is getting stealth pounced by goliath or wraith as its gg. So please don’t be trashing monsters only for the quit before I lose nonsense, hunters do it just as much.

This announcement brought to you by: BabyGoliath-An equal opportunity destroyer


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Quit a match just now and not even ashamed of it.

Been trying to queue up several times to day and have -YET- to play the Hunters. Just constantly playing the monster every time. Joined one match just now where I joined in the middle of the game to take over for the bot and discovered a bug that happens 100% EVERY TIME.

You join in as the monster, take over for the bot, and when you reach stage three is doesn’t track what abilities the bot spent points on. Meaning that instead of having the normal six points at stage two (three at start, three from leveling up) you only get three.

So the criteria involved in my quitting: 1) Joined in as the monster for the seventh time when I haven’t gotten to play the hunters at all, despite monster being the lowest on my preferred list. 2) Got game-breaking bug from joining on a match that was already live. 3) Had to deal with Lazarus BS of constantly reviving people to full health with no strikes no matter what.


Laz is the easiest team comp to counter…

I had some strange disconnects when i was playing the hunter a few times. like i was winning and bam main menu. dont know how it happened dont really care, just queue another!