Newest Moderator - Jedi_Warrior - The Chosen Pun


Let me start off by saying –

Wow! This community has grown, and fast! I am loving it!

Welcome all & thank you for being so helpful, kind, & for taking interest in our community!

That being said.

I am happy to announce that our very own @Jedi_Warrior has officially moved up in the ranks from Leader to Moderator!

Congratulations Tom!

Tom, among others, have really been doing a fantastic job helping new members and assisting legacy members through this transition! Expect shuffling to begin as our community continues to grow and grow. There are definitely opportunities for those that show kindness and dedication to others within the community on a continuous basis.

I would like to make this post in dedication to Jedi & all he has done up until now to be chosen by devs and mods for his new role. If you have a nice story / inside joke / or dank meme to share in honor – DOO ITTTT. :smiley:

That is all.



One of us, one of us, one of us…


Congratz Jedi!


Glad to hear about this. Good luck!


Wow what a great opportunity to show off your Jedi-ness!


Edit: And so a leader spot opens…


I first read this as “Newest Monster” and became incredibly excited! Then I re-read it and still kept my excitement! Congratulations Jedi!


Awesome work!

Btw, what actually is the difference between Leader and Moderator? o.0


Welcome to the team Jedi!

I have no doubt you will bring balance to the mod team.


Mods have monthly meetings with the Devs and since we are under a NDA we get to know stuff before they hit the outside world :stuck_out_tongue:

We also have more forum powers and responsibilities, like taking care of flags, dealing with bad users, etc. :bucket_salute:


“Mod status bestowed and so shall my eternal vigil. It shall not end until my resignation (Which will happen when I perish). I shall take no flags, hold no grudges and father no bias thoughts. I shall wear my title and bring glory to the blue name tag. My life lives and dies with my phone or computer by my side. I mod in the background, but watch the forum in the public. I am the shield that helps defend the hard work that Turtle Rock Studios dispenses. I pledge my time and wisdom to the forum and community. I am one of you, but not above any of you. I hope to bring about great things during this new stage of evolution that TRS has released.”

Thanks guys. I’m honoured to have been chosen for this position and I’m really excited to get started. I hope I live up to everyones expectations. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard!


My god… that was so,



Congrats, Jedi!

Or should I say good luck?

This community did get a lot more unruly since Stage 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to have you as a mod.


@Shaners a new mod was a great idea.

Have fun defending the forums, the place we can call home Jedi <3


Prouda you.


I’m happy you became a mod, and I’m glad we’re friends congrats man, this was a long time coming :slight_smile:


Thanks so much everyone. It really means a lot to me that you are all so supportive. I hope I don’t let you down. :slight_smile:


NICE JOB JEDI! I am so happy for you!


I never let a Dagobah without thinking of Yoda.


I am not even a Star Wars fan and I haven’t even known Jedi Warrior for long but I already have a feeling he’ll be a firm but gracious overlord.[quote=“MaddCow, post:19, topic:90687”]

Isn’t it pronounced “dagger-bah” though? But hey, poetic licence.