Newest Deadpool Trailer


Another trailer shows a few more scenes. Really excited for this one :slight_smile: I’m glad they are finally doing more comic book movies that don’t take themselves so seriously.


i cant wait for

civil war
finding dory
incredibles 2
word of warcraft
and theres a few more i can’t remember right now xD


“You’re probably thinking this was a super hero movie but that guy in the suit just turned that other guy into a fuckin kebab.”

Awww man that is just fucking awesome…


It looks so freaking fun! Can’t wait to watch it!


Don’t forget guardians of the galaxy 2


Did you guys see the Deadpool’s Trailer Eve?

Doesn’t add anything kinda funny though


thats one of the ones i forgot thanks!



Deadpool… the best douche since the product brand.
But yeah super stoked.

Although as a Theater Employee I dred movies like this…

Thinks back on Star Wars, Hunger Games, Dark Knight, Man of Steel, X-Men, Transformers and any of the upcoming movies… yay but nay at the same time.


i think Deadpool, Civil War and BvS might be the bigger comic related ones coming this year. Xmen is sweet and all but i dont think it holds up against the other 3 right now. Gambit might, but its unknown, i hadnt heard much about it. Waiting on Dr Strange though.

Incredibles 2 and World of Warcraft. Definately going.


Well what I mean is “Yay! New potentially good movies!” but “Shit! I’ll have to work those weekends at the theater…”


Haaaaaa. I need this in my life.


Am I excited? yes.

Am I concerned? Also yes.

This movie is being released in February. For those unfamiliar with this- This is basically where studios who have NO faith in their movies, but “enh we gotta release it…” release their movies. This is basically where movies they expect to suck, go to die. Every. Single. Time.


Same with videogames


Y’know how every kid generally had an imaginary crush? Mine was Violet. :joy:

Super hyped for this movie. Absolutely loved the first one, so I can’t wait to see Incredibles 2.


Yea, I think it’ll be mostly 17-24yr olds watching it. Lolz


I wish that they would STOP doing comic book movies. It’s like all this zombie crap. I can’t believe these things have remained popular for so long.

However, Deadpool does look fun and I’m sure I’ll see it. So, props to Ryan Reynolds for making that happen.


Mine was Kim Possible.


its just another rotation of the wheel. if World of Warcraft/Assasin’s Creed do good than Video Game movies (good ones) may join into the Comic Movies


I don’t have high hopes for these. Blizzard’s story telling has been pretty horrible lately and I feel Assassin’s Creed will turn into a slightly smarter national treasure. I don’t think a screen adaptation will work well with Assassin’s Creed.