I was wonder what if there was a new class called Beasts or Beast Riders. a new hunter that would help the hunter that would take part in helping the monster to evolve or to hide them from the hunters like a hunter to heal them or to even protect the monster or to hide the monster while it makes it way up the food chain.Also the game is really fun and keep up the good work :stuck_out_tongue:




You beat me to that by about 5 seconds :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what he was talking about? I would’ve never guess haha


no i mean hunters that would be on the same team as the monster and help it


I know, I was being facetious and it made me think of that topic.


You know I was just kidding about getting back on right?


its 4v1,not 2v4


There really isn’t any reason to give the monster extra help. They are a powerhouse on their own are are very self-sustainable.

Coming from a player who’s been on Evolve most of his life, on pro-competitive games this “beast helper” would be doing nothing to help the monster.