Newbie to this forum


Hi All,
Hoping everyone is fine…


Hi there =)
How did you heard about this forum ?
Do you play Evolve or another TRS game ?

Edit : I change the category since it has nothing to do with TV ^^


Hello James, welcome to the forums of Turtle Rock Studios. We, members of the forum, like to see newcomers joining the community. If you feel lost, there is the guideline thread (or the hunter’s guide) designed for newcomers.
Also, feel free to ask us any question.


Howdy stranger.




@jamesannie Yay!


Welcome. We don’t bite. That’s a rather frowned upon practice and it’s pretty unpleasant for everyone.


Cannibals would disagree.

And welcome to our lil’ corner of the internet James.


Hello! Always nice to see a new face n the forums.


Yo there! Welcome to the TRS forums and enjoy your stay! :smiley:


Hi Stranger

Too much? lol



Welcome to the forums!!! :smiley:

Not that video!! :scream:


I haven’t seen you around before…hello BurntToast. What do you do at TRS?


I think he work for VR stuff.


Just like @jamesannie I am a newbie - yay newbies!!! I keep the dev’s caffeinated and put snacks in bins.

I’m the office adminೕ(⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́ฅ).


So basically the beating hearts of TRS then - without you making sure everyone’s bloodstream is more coffee than blood, I’m sure nothing would get done in time. :stuck_out_tongue:


So I was wrong? Well welcome to the studio anyway.


That’s a lie; I do.