Newbie Monster Guide [Input Needed]

Hello everyone!

I just wrapped up my Newbie Unlock Guides for all the Hunter Classes.

Now I’m working on a Monster Guide. Problem is most Hunters in their Class all play similar. The Monsters are much more varied so my previous format may not be best for Monsters.

So I figured I’d ask for opinions. Are there any formats you think would work best for trying to explain to a Newbie which Monsters may be the easiest to start with? I have a couple of ideas, but am open to Suggestions if they are better.

Which Format Should the Monster Guide Be?

  • Keep it like the Hunter Format (Strict Rankings in Order)
  • Make a Tier Structure (Basic/Moderate/Advanced)
  • Write Ups based on Playstyle (Brawlers/Casters/Ambush)
  • Another Option (Something I haven’t listed, feel free to explain in post below!)

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Thanks, I appreciate your inputs!


I can’t decide between Tier structure and playstyle.

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