Newbie Hunter Perk Guide


Throughout my Newbie Hunter series,

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:assault: assault
:medic: medic
:support: support
:trapper: trapper
I was constantly asked about Perk Suggestions.

People wanted to know what to use, what not to use, the benefits and disadvantages of one over another, ect. Well I figured I’d make up a little guide for Newbies based on Perk sets I run, my friends run, or other popular choices that could really help Newbies out.

Quick Disclaimer

Now I want to make something clear here. I am not a “Pro” player here. In fact, I’m pretty scary average jagoff that has entirely too much time at work. If you are an advanced player some of this might be below you, but if you haven’t tried it, feel free too. But make no mistake, this is aimed at entry level players so it may be much more basic than you are used to! Also, this is based on how I PLAY so it might not be the best for your individual playstyle. EXPERIMENT! Have fun with it, use this as a guide to help find what works for you!

Perks for Assault

Here are some examples of Perks I like to run on my Assaults:

  • Movement Speed
  • Jetpack (anything)
  • Reload
  • Capacity
  • Quick Switch

To me, one of the trickier parts of playing a good Assault is Positioning. Most likely the Monster is going to try and focus on the Medic and Support, so if your team is spreading out you may not be in range for some of the weapons. Hyde and Lennox definitely benefit from this reasoning, so I almost always use a movement speed perk for them.

The only real exception to the movement thing is Torvald. Since he is a more Long Range Assault I like to run:

  • Quick Switch
  • Capacity
  • Reload

Quick Switch in the first Slot is necessary for me, but sometimes I like to switch it up between running 2 Reloads or 2 Capacity or 1 and 1 of each. Personally it’s whatever I’m feeling that day.

Lennox is another one that is a little different. With her I like Perks that let me be up the Monster’s ass the whole time to keep the Lance Combo at max.

All in all, I like Mobility and Reload for my Assaults.

Perks for Medic

Examples of Perks I like for Medics:

  • Jetpack Fuel
  • Jetpack Thrust
  • Class Recharge
  • Damage Reduction
  • Reload

With Medics I like being able to dodge. You are going to be Public Enemy #1 to most Monsters. If you can kite and dodge attacks, you don’t have to rely too much on Support to keep you alive. With Monsters running the “Fly Swatter/Grounder Set” of Perks taking a little more Jetpack Boost helps to counter that. I like Reload over Capacity because some Medics (Quira, Laz, and EMET) really don’t get anything out of Capacity compared to Reload.

Good Vals like Quick Switch since they use the Tranqs a lot and Slims may skip the Class Recharge Perk given how they gun works, but generally you want to be a little more on the Defensive side with these Perks.

Perks for Supports

Support Perks I like to use can vary wildly from whichever Support I plan to use:

  • Quick Switch
  • Reload Speed
  • Class Cooldown
  • Acid Rounds
  • Capacity

So one example is Cabot, I almost never run Capacity, but I always run Capacity on T. Hank. With Cabot I can double up the Reload and get the Amp back up faster, and in the meantime I can crank out Rail Cannon shots. If I were to take Capacity the Amp would have more battery, but it doesn’t give me anymore Rail Cannon shots. It stays at a single fire weapon. I’d rather have the faster Reload work on everything rather than have Capacity on only 1 Tool. Similar principle with T. Hank in reverse.

Bucket with Poison Rounds is amazing and more people need to run it. This is definitely the Class to experiment with. For new players I recommend asking yourself the following:

“How many pieces of my kit will this perk effect?” Then pick accordingly.

Perks for Trappers

Trappers are one of those classes where you can really put whatever you like on them. Some Perks I use are.

  • Reload
  • Capacity
  • Jetpack Recharge
  • Movement Speed

But again you can really use anything. Trappers that have deployable CC like Maggie and Abe, I might run Quick Switch. Jack I might run Reload and Capacity. Griff is good with Movement Speed to keep Harpooning a Monster that keeps running away. An almost always solid bet for Trappers is to run some kind of Reload since pretty much all of them benefit from it.

So that’s it really. If you want to know certain character sets I run just ask. If any Legacy Players have any good sets they want to suggest, post em. Bottom line, experiment and have fun!


Nice guide, but I thought , poison, poison is the meta perks for trappers.


I don’t run it, but I’ve heard Pro Players love it!