Newbie here, how's the population on PS4?


I purchased the game during the January sales and decided to give it a proper go this week, after a rough start I’m sarting to get the hang of it, thing is I 've been playing with bots only, I tried to find a online match but so far no luck.

So here’s the thing, am I missing something or I 'm stuck with bots for the rest of the game? Not that I’m complaining mind you, my internet connection is not that great anyway, it’s just that seeing these forums seems lively I would have hoped to meet pple online.

Digging the game’s lore btw, even if the game doesn’t get a proper sequel I would recommend the devs to keep the universe they created for this game and build on it.


Are you playing Hunt 2.0 or Quick Play?


Hi! Welcome to Evolve, buddy!

And The population on the Ps4’s online is ok at best, but that means you can get a full team about 75% of the time.

Are you playing Quickplay or Hunt?
The largest portion of players play on Quickplay.


LOL, I have no idea, Quick Play I think, not that I paid proper attention to it since I’m still trying to learn how each charatcer plays, wouldn’t want to derp in an MP match :slightly_smiling:


Good idea.

This game has a really hard learning curve, so it is recommended you can learn as much as possible off of bots.

Happy huntin’ bro


You shouldn’t have any issues finding a match in quick play. I was curious if you had maybe queued for ranked.


I started playing evolve again a while ago when my friend got the game and got me back into it. At first, it was hard to find games fast but I have been able to get into games quickly over the past couple of months. I know the data for ps4 is private but I think the playerbase has been growing a lot lately because of the dlc and discount sales. I hope that TRS takes advantage of the next TU to show old and new players how much much fun evolve really is and hopefully get the playerbase up again.


what region are you in?


Never had a problem in quickplay.

Every now and then you get thrown into a game that already started.

Very rarely do I have to wait more than a few seconds to find a game.


You shouldn’t ha e any trouble finding people to play with on quickplay. I find people within seconds.


It’s okay guys, finally jumped into some quickplay matches, as expected I totally noobed my way in and got my team rekt whenever I was playing anything else other than assault.

From what I 've played I can see now that this game does have a significant learning curve, which I’m okay with it, it’s a nice change from Battlefront braindead gameplay.


Welcome! I would say there are still alot of people playin it on PS4 but on Hunt mode you will find the same people over and over and over and over again which get’s kind of annoying in the end. I would love to see more people but I don’t do it that often and I play almost everyday.


Ha, yeah I can imagine :smile:

If you want the best experience, make sure to use a mic! It helps so much. Communication is key for hunters.

Have fun! :slightly_smiling: