Newbie Assault Unlock Guide [Updated w/ Renegade Abe]


If you’re here, chances are you are new to Evolve and new to playing Assault! With the new unlock system it can be quite a grind to unlock just a couple of characters. Now nothing is more frustrating than spending all those Silver Keys to unlock an Assault you play twice and then learn, just isn’t your style or doesn’t really help your team.

I’ve put together a list of what I believe is the best Assaults for newbies and what order you should unlock them in, so you can get a basic idea of it before you spend your hard earned Silver Keys.

The Goal of a Good Assault

There are a couple of different factors I use in Ranking the Assaults in this guide.

  • DPS Threat
  • DPS Potential
  • Relative Ease of Use
  • Ability to Draw Monster Focus
  • Skill Floor and Skill Ceiling

While all of these factors play a part in Ranking the Assaults, I weighted Skill Floor and Skill Ceiling as well as Relative Ease of Use when making these Rankings. This of course is just my opinion having played this game for quite a while, but some people may be better at more advanced characters than others. You’re mileage may vary.


1. Hyde

  • Good Overall Assault with Utility
  • DPS
  • Area Control
  • Flamethrower is forgiving and has surprising Range
  • Minigun gives Hyde Long Range capabilities
  • Toxic Grenade is fantastic for Area Denial or Punishing a body camper
  • Relatively easy to stack Flamethrower, Flame DOT and Toxic Grenade DOT once timing is learned.

Overall Hyde has a lower Skill Floor and a Moderate Skill Ceiling so I like him for newbies. Even if they only use the flamethrower they will get both the Damage from the Flamethrower and the Flame DOT as well.

2. Markov


  • Lightning Gun ( LG ) is auto lock-on with decent range.
  • Assault Rifle ( AR ) is more accurate at Range than Hyde’s Minigun but has a smaller magazine.
  • Arc Mines are good passive Area Denial (set & forget).

Overall, Markov has a Lower Skill Floor and Medium Skill Ceiling. With Markov slow and steady wins the race. Against Mobile or Airborne targets the LG is very useful, but can be out damaged by the AR provided you have the accuracy. Arc Mines can be good, but are often easily countered by even mediocre Monster Players and are almost useless against the Kraken.

3. Parnell


  • Combat Shotgun and Multifire Rocket Launcher have good Long range and Short range compliment.
  • Super Soldier ( SS ) is key for burst damage and can be used in pursuit of Monster.
  • Positioning is very important for the character.

Overall Parnell has a higher Skill Floor and higher Skill Ceiling. This is the first character where newbies have to really watch positioning in combat. Shotgun has more range than expected and SS can be wasted if not activated while in good position. Can Evolve Punish and Body Camp Punish like nobodies business.

4. Lennox


  • Closest Range Assault
  • Plasma Lance has good Range
  • She cannot be tumbled because of her Thunder Child’s Passive Ability
  • Autocannon cannot hit weakpoints but gives consistent Range option.
  • Thunder Strike is good for starting off a battle like a pounce.

Overall Lennox has a moderate Skill Floor and High Skill Ceiling. With Lennox positioning and Timing is key to success. Team coordination helps, especially to lock down a Monster or bring down a Kraken.

5. Renegade Abe

Skill Floor: Moderate
Skill Ceiling: High

The jig is up, the news is out, Renegade Abe is a DOT menace to Monsters. Every tool in his kit can apply DOT damage. Penitence, his Double Barrel style shotgun has 2 firing modes. His Primary shot fires in 2 rounds with the pellets inflicting moderate damage and applying a DOT to the Monster. The Alternate Fire unloads all pellets at once for massive damage, minus the DOT. Renegade Abe’s Corrosive Grenade applies impact damage, DOT and reduces the Monster’s damage output for a duration. The Neurotoxic Dart applies a DOT and amplifies the damage done to the Monster, similar to the Damage Amp in Cabot’s kit. What makes Renegade Abe so tricky is that all those DOTs are independent and stack on each other. On their own Renegade Abe doesn’t appear to do much damage up front, but with all the DOTs slowly eating away, Monsters would be wise to deal with Renegade Abe sooner, rather than later. His Defense Matrix is a little weaker than other Assaults, but that is likely to compensate for his ability to De-Buff the Monster with the Corrosive Grenades.

6. Blitz Markov

  • Tesla Gun ( TG ) has huge DPS potential.
  • Assault Rifle ( AR ) has more recoil and higher rate of fire than Regular Markov’s AR as well as smaller magazine size.
  • Tesla Mines do more damage the longer they sit out before being Triggered.

Blitz has a High Skill Floor and High Skill Ceiling. While the TG and Tesla Mines have huge Damage Potential, if not used to at least half potential you will do worse than Regular Markov. Positioning, Mobility and Map Knowledge (especially in domes) is key to performing well with this character. TG beam changes color when damage increases, signaling to Monster that higher damage is coming. Tesla Mines are easy to avoid/counter, however the Gold Aura of a full power mine may blend in to Desert maps!

7. Torvald

  • Long Range Assault
  • Mortars require planning to fire
  • Shrapnel Grenade helps team and synergizes with Autofire Shotgun

Torvald has the Highest Skill Floor and a High Skill Ceiling. Hardest Assault to Master. New Players WILL be inconsistent, especially against airborne targets and highly mobile targets. Shotgun fires marshmallows if too far away. Requires Positioning, Team Coordination, Cooldown Management and Forethought to use this character effectively.

I am currently in the process of making this Post in a video form so people on Youtube can find it easily. I also want to answer a question or 2 people can ask me. Anyone have a question they want me to answer? It can be really anything about Evolve, how I feel about changes in Stage 2, what I’d like to see, my opinion on popular ideas or Theories in Evolve ect.


I love Hyde and Lennox

Happy to see Hyde’s #1 :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a fluke. It only stops the third person tumble animation because the devs said it looked strange having the mech flop around like the rest of the Hunters.


She doesn’t tumble or does she?

There’s no tumble animation. That’s it. She still receives knock back.


clarified, thanks!


Updated to include Renegade Abe, sorry no picture for him.

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I’d put Parnell above Markov, but that’s just me.

Parnell is less-situational unlike Markovs Mines.

But again, that’s just me.

(I do get the reasons why)

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Yeah, but I assume newbies aren’t that good and Markov is a little easier to get consistent DPS with. If you have any sense of aim Parnell is going to give better returns, but a lot of it depends on keeping SS active as much as possible.

I think when you get to the mid range of skill then Parnell overtakes Markov.

Waiting for Monster Guide!)