Newb medic of choice

Hi folks,

I’m rather new to this great game, and was wondering what medic you would suggest to a new player that is still learning his trade. I only dared play 1 hunt online so far, and it was a disaster. I took Slim because he felt good against bots, but I didn’t expect to be focused down that hard and often, so although I had a rather decent team, I think I lost us the game pretty bad (sry guys).

Since then I’m wondering which medic you would suggest for a new player, or should I let the team decide which medic to play? There probably already exist topics about this, and i’ve watched youtube videos about which medic is best, but neither concentrates on the fact that I’m a Newb and most of them are from February and not certainly not post Patch 5.0.

My feeling about the medics I’ve already tried:

No offensive power whatsoever and more importantly no escape mechanism and no mechanism to heal herself, so struck me as pretty hard to play, although the tranq gun is pretty awesome!

Nice main weapon and nice escape, but no healing power to speak off. Further i’ve heard he is the low skill bracket medic that gets focused down even more, than all the other medics, so I’m a little afraid to use him.

While the speed boost is great and can be misused for an escape mechanism, I really don’t get the hang of the grenade launcher… The low clip size makes this very hard to use.

Most enjoyable medic for me, besides Laz, but needs to be relatively near the action which makes it harder not to get focused down, especially since he doesn’t really have an escape mechanism.

So what would you suggest, or should I rather concentrate on another class until I’m better at this game.


@Hammy @MidnightRoses and @Moiser might have some insight for ya :3

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I would say Caira with reload speed perk. Her healing is high, it’s splash so it’s a bit forgiving. The speed will help not just you but the rest of the team in battle, and she can self-heal.

Val has quite low suvivability and requires good evasive skills and help from Support.

Medic choice can’t be made just like that though, it depends on what your support picks. If the support is a shielding support (Sunny/Hank), medics like Caira and Slim work well. Val works best with Sunny as she can jetpack boost you to safety.

Laz can be used with a Hank for extra support if you’re not very good. Sunny can also help there. Cabot is where Laz can shine if you’re good at maintaining distance and pretty much being a ninja. Whilst a body is down, the team punishes the monster until he has to leave, or a window opens that won’t put Laz at too much risk. Even if you miss the revive, that’s only 1 strike for a lot of damage. Bucket also helps for very much the same reason.

If I had to rank the medics in terms of skill requires (lowest to highest skill requirement);


Though medic is quite a make or break role in-and-of-itself.


Hi man, Caira with reload speed perk is best medic for begginers so I will 100% go with her :smile:
Then Val/ Laz . As Laz you have to learn how to play him, cause he has got some specific tactics.

here is a thread to help you

But this patch is very hard for solo players, so I reccomend you to find some friends and to play with them.

But also good news, this or next week some monsters will get nerfed somehow, so it might be easier for you and your team to fight :slight_smile:

u fuckin wot m8


I can try to give some basics on Caira,

First of you need to learn the arc of the grenades. It’s very important for to hit all your grenades, her healing output is really strong when you hit everything but falls of very quickly by missing 1 or 2 grenades.

Learn how to position yourself in domes, stay at choke point/middle dome on high ground in the dome if possible in order to have line of sight, kite around circular stuff preferably while jumping (doesn’t slow you down when self healing) when you’re being focused yourself.

Learn what targets to prioritize your healing for, this depends on the support pick but in general it’s yourself>support>trapper>assault. Always prioritize yourself before other teammates, you go down and everybody goes down.

Take reload speed, it’s the only perk to run on her after the capacity perk nerf.

Caira is probably the easiest to pick up, but there’s a lot of stuff that goes behind playing her on higher levels of play, and she’s by far my favorite so I’d say go for her :3

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Val is a VERY hard medic to use effectively against good monsters. Recommend against her.

Laz is not a medic and is not to be played like one. Treat him as a separate kind of monster. O.o

Caira. Extremely effective, VERY easy for beginners once you get the hang of her (she is more complex at later stages, but easy to pick up.)

Slim is horrendously powerful with good aim, but for a newbie, he will be tricky to pick up.

Tbh of you enjoy Slim the most, learn Slim. It’s all about fun in the end. Just know that it won’t be easy to learn him fast against strong opposition.

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Medics can be tricky for beginners overall. Your team is very dependent on you to do your job, and if you’re playing with newer players on your team as well they won dodge as much, putting even more weight on your shoulders.

I feel like Caira has been covered, so I’ll not repeat anything there other than she’s definetely the easiest medic to pick up. Recommend starting with her.

If you really want to play Slim though, I have some tips. I have no idea how others play Slim, so not everyone may agree.

Slim is pretty high maintenance, you have alot of things to think about. For me, communication and positioning is key. If you can play with friends, do so. You need to know if you need to put a healing bug on someone.

I try to get a high point, a pillar or cliff, in a rather central point in domes. Close enough to heal teammates and lose line of sight of the monster as little as possible.

Don’t use your healing burst unless you need to. Always consider whos being focused and if you can use the bug instead. I tend to lay off shooting sometimes when i see that the monster is getting ready to focus someone down, to be able to healburst and recharge before i need to reload.

I use a priority system to decide what to do. Basically a checklist on what i currently need to do the most.
Healburst if needed
Put healing bug on incapped teammate(Skip if the monster is pounding him)
Shoot to recharge healburst so you have it ready
Put healing bug on low health teammate
Spore grenade that monster!

Also, about being focused, learn the maps. I tend to run backwards alot when being focused so i can shoot the monster, dealing damage and recharging my heal for survivability. To do this you must know if theres any cliffs or pitfalls or wildlife behind you.
Another trick is to spore him and dash into your teammates. The chaos often buys you the seconds you need.
Oh, and if you realise you’re going down, try to throw your bug at a low health or incapped teammate as a final effort. Be as annoying as possible.

Other than that, play assault, maybe as your second choice. Learn to not lose sight of the monster. If you’re not shootimg the monster or wildlife your team dies quickly.

Sorry for the unstructured post. Hard to proofread on phone.

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I’m a big fan of Val, as @ToiletWraith and @MrTalha know ( :smiley: )

She is probably the second hardest medic to consistently do well with, the first being Laz. Her self heals come faster than Caira I believe, or at least are more powerful. I find that taking health regen on Val is really useful. People will take reload speed which is also good, however if you’ve been focused and got away then health regen is better. If you keep getting focused then reload is better. If the monster doesn’t focus you, or you’re good at keeping out of the fight, the quick switch may actually be the best for you.

tranqs are key, they force a monster to spend more traversals which ultimately gives it less manoeuvrability, plus everyone can see where the monster is all the time. Whenever hunters are more than 75% healed and the monster is tranqd then it never hurts to place a weakspot, good aim hunters will really exploit it, especially if it’s on the head.

But most importantly… understand the arena you’re in and that with all of your weapons you really shouldn’t be near the monster. Heal burst is useful in a pinch for the hunters, but try to get them to come towards you so that you can then use your jetpack to get to a better position away from the fight after heal bursting them.

Another thing, out of all of the medics I feel that Val responds least well to hunters tanking damage, you want your hunter team to be slightly more distant from the monster as much as possible, with the exception of the assault.

I think Val requires more synergy with the rest of the team than any other medic, and that’s why she seems like the worst. But if you have a team that knows what they’re doing, and doesn’t sap Val’s utility time by running in to every bit of wildlife before the fight, then she can be awesome and really help secure that early engagement.

Not sure if this was what you wanted to hear, but I know Val is getting a bad rep and wanted to step up for her in a way that @Moiser would step up for Caira :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys so far!

Looks like I’ll prioritise Caira/Slim first so i have at least another option if my team doesn’t want me to play the other one.

Let’s say I got to pick last, what other class should I look at when making my choice? What are good combinations? Laz and Parnell for example seem like a bad combo to me. Torvald or Hank and Laz on the other hand seem like a good combo because of their area denial weapons.

One question I wanted to ask about SLIM: If the Assault is shielded and hence not taking damage does the healing bug stay on him?

Again, thanks so far, keep it up =)

The bug is lost when you are hit, I think, not when you take damage.

Edit: Don’t take Laz if the team is running a stasis build, IMO. Don’t take Caira in a Sunny team unless people know how to work with both of them (i.e. not boost right up in the air where Caira can’t heal. Don’t take Val if the supports aren’t a shielding support.

They aren’t really hard rules, but in those situations you’re fighting against the odds more I feel.

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Dude have you seen what Parnell can do with those weak points? o_o he can totally demolishe the monster, but you need very good accuracy with the shotgun

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I’m sad people don’t like the Caira,Sunny comp. I’m a big fan of it, guess it just doesn’t work very well without communication D:

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I like it, but people need to work with it. It’s become the default tactic to just boost right up, which is fine and all, but you’re not getting healed while you’re up there, and the monster knows it :smiley:

Yeah, given Parnell is a prime candidate for running health regen because of the SS anyway, I’d say Parnell is one of the more viable assaults to pair with Laz.

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Laz is really powerful in Hunt2.0 at the moment, because (especially in disorganised teams), there tends to be at least 1 down per dome. Even at stage 1. At stage 1, the monster typically can’t stay to capitalise on this, due to low armour/health, and has to run, allowing a team to get some good perma health damage, while not taking any down penalties.

An amazing combo for Laz is :
Laz, Sunny, Jack, Torvald.

Sunny and Jack work well to stop Laz from going down. If someone else goes down, Torvald can punish a camping monster heavily with the mortars, and Sunny can then boost Laz away after getting a successful revive.

Also, if Torvald goes down, Sunny has enough fire power to make the monster think twice about camping the body too much.

In pubs especially, it’s worth reminding everyone that you’re going Laz, and that they might want to take the health perk :slight_smile:

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As @niaccurshi has said, Val’s not the easiest to play, but once you get your jetpack management sorted and you get better at kiting, you should definitely give her a go. Her tranqs are awesome and with a good team, that 2x bonus that her weakspot gives is insane, especially with a good Parnell.

For example, I was playing as Parnell against a Kraken with Val, Abe and Hank, so we trapped him and Abe brought him down, then Val got a headshot marker and I used Super Soldier and… well, you can probably imagine what happened to that poor kraken’s health bar. Anyway, moral of the story is: Val’s pretty much a specialist medic, but once you get the hang of her, you’ll do well.

Haven’t considered that. Good point! I thought Parnell needs a healing focused medic, but if you put it that way, I tend to agree, although i’d still favour Torvald… probably ^^

What is the issue with Laz and Stasis builds? Because he can’t slow himself? Or is there another issue i don’t see at the moment?

Caira <-> Sunny seems like a two-edged sword. On one hand healing airborne members sounds way harder. On the other hand if Caira is airborne hitting grounded monsters/members with nades is way easier.

Also Sunny and Torvald seem to like each other, since landing the mortar is a lot easier when you’re in the air. I’ll keep that deck in mind!

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As a Caira main I love this comp. It’s really good if everyone knows how to play with both Sunny and Caira, not recommended when playing with randoms though. I think it only really works when everybody is communicating.

Even though the monster will be slowed a lot, it’s still quite easy to keep up with Laz.
Whereas Griffins harpoons and Maggies harpoons require the monster to stop for a second, allowing Laz to get a bit further away, making it easier to cloak and escape.

Is it? Never tried that :stuck_out_tongue:
We mainly use Sunny for helping the trapper escape, if he’s being focused, or saved for the inevitable attack on Laz. I’ll typically only give the booster to the assault if he’s in a really bad place and needs to get out ASAP.

Otherwise, I prefer to save it for the more important members on the team, which then allows me to spend more time doing damage.

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