New Youtuber


Hi all, I’m a relatively new youtuber who has a channel mainly showcasing mobile games,
I recently started playing evolve and recorded a couple of videos, do stop by and watch and lemme know what interests you!


Hey friend! Checked out your channel and your Evolve vids. I like them! Your voice audio could use a slight bump in volume. I also just started to get some evolve on my channel, a channel that’s still new and wanted to see if you would take a look! Cheers, mate!


You guys might want to add to these threads;



^^^^This guy right here^^^

Joined a week ago and already redirecting people to the correct threads.

Give this man a fucking award. Seriously.


lol thanks man… always active on game forums that I am passionate about (and run one for my business). Old forum hound… kinda used to it. It helps cut down on the noise :wink:

Mind you, by replying I just bumped this one… #facepalm