New Youtuber! Wanting some feedback!



Hey there! I recently started a YouTube gaming channel (like 90% of other gamers at some point I know). I’ve made around 10 videos so far with 3 or so based on Evolve gameplay (With many more to come because I love the game).

I would really appreciate it if you could just check it out quick, you obviously don’t have to like or sub if you don’t want to but some feed back on how I can make entertaining videos (involving content, editing, how I talk, any criticisms whatsoever!) is very much needed! Thank you!

Some notes: I’m getting a new microphone soon so that will sound better.
I plan on sounding much more excited during the videos, it takes time talking to yourself in an excited manner i guess, haha.

The Channel name: Just Ripe
Link: Just Ripe Channel


Just by watching your trailer, you sound pretty excited lol, but yeah, it takes time getting comfortable with youtube


Thanks! It’s starting to be really fun to do. I just hope I can find people you can enjoy themselves with me!


Well, you look kinda excited in the first videos. I think adding a camera look once you reach a decent amount of subscribers (idk, maybe 10000) could help.
Showing your reactions and the visual communication makes people feel more comfortable as well as a clear sound. You could also try to start talking to yourself while playing different games, that could help to make you more spontaneous.
However, good luck with the channel. Paying enough effort, you can make it grow.


Thank you! I’m really hoping to grow it I just need a basis so I know what people want to see!

Any suggestions for other games to play? Or would sticking to a single game for a while be more benifitial?