New xboxlive gamer tag

I need help finding one so quick put you heads together and help me!!!

@kyronr600 @Sorrowgate @Shin


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Actually didn’t think of that surprisingly, good job! :balloon: have a balloon

I’m Hateful Melody on xbox

Jesus Christ.

Choose Jesus Christ.

Ok, do you have any advice on me making one though

Can I talk to you about our lord and savior Jesus Christ

It’s funny because I’m a Jehovah’s Witness cx.

Really, that’s pretty cool, have you been to any other countries than the one you live in

Mexico, but that was for a vacation. I’ve never gone out of country or state for religious purposes.

I’ve been to Guatemala and the Dominican, was hot, closest to hell I’ve been.

I went to Cancun. Very humid, but it was an amazing experience. Sea turtles, iguanas, and basilisks everywhere.

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That’s cool

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You know what I’m going to get everyone to start calling you buttcheese, that’s it I’m doing it… Lol just quoting people is all

I propose the god be called Sithis, or Molag Bal.

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you should be RNGesus. cuz hes cool.

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There’s that picture I posted in the Hearthstone thread, he could dress up like that.

Hermaeus Mora 4 prez.

Fate, knowledge, and memory? I wouldn’t mind.


Vermin supreme for president