New Xbox Competitve Team [COMMUNITY TOURNAMENT]


Calling All XBox Community!

Hello Community!

This is TomsMeatPlatter here, just finished watching the Proving Grounds Tournament and I’m pumped. I want to get back into playing some Competitive Evolve again! I’m going to create a team and want some players to play with. I am recruiting and here is what I need from you!

Position Preference(s):
Character Preference(s): Mention any Elites
Available Times to Play:
Notable Aspects: (In order of importance: Competitive experience, Player Level, Leaderboards)
Tell me a little about yourself:

Just Copy and Paste Above and put your info in!


GamerTag: TomsMeatPlatter
Position Preference(s): :assault: :trapper:
Character Preference(s): Hyde (Elite) Parnell (Elite) Abe (Elite) Griff (Elite)
Country: U.S.A
Timezone: Est.
Available Times to Play: 10pm-2am Est
Notable Aspects: Played with ESL team Shear Domination; got 4th place in first ESL tournament participated in. Played with top-level monsters.
Tell me a little about yourself: My name is Tom, I like playing Evolve since the Alpha. Always ready to try new things for team comps. We create the Meta.

Taking all applications! See you soon!

Scrim League: Main Hub

GamerTag: skills4u2envy
Position Preference(s): :trapper: :assault: :support:
Character Preference(s): Griffin, Maggie, Abe, Lenny, Hyde, Cabot, Hank
Country: US
Timezone: Central
Available Times to Play: 8pm-2am central
Notable Aspects: Maneater poons are the shit
Tell me a little about yourself: I’m awesome.


GamerTag: gh0st wh1sp3r
Position Preference(s): Hunter MSAT ( :medic: :support: :assault: :trapper: )
Character Preference(s): all Hunters/Monsters Elite, top ~ 400-70 with Medics
Country: U.S.A.
Timezone: PST
Available Times to Play: evenings
Notable Aspects: ESL registered, Level 40, never competed in tournament, but live in L.A. and watched the finals.
Tell me a little about yourself: Been playing since Alpha. Actually had extra Alpha codes. I like cake.


Don’t worry guys, I haven’t forgotten you, still trying to find some more peeps!


GamerTag: Tomasaurus87000
Position Preference(s): Any
Character Preference(s): Griffin, Markov, Lazarus, Cabot, Hank (Wraith elite)
Country: United States
Timezone: Central
Available Times to Play: 8 Am- 1 Pm
Notable Aspects: I have been playing Evolve since Day one of Alpha. I am also a skilled monster player if this team ever needs the role filled. I will admit, I am abit on the younger side of life, but that will not stop my playing of the game.


amerTag: gh0st wh1sp3r
Position Preference(s): Hunter (Trapper)
Character Preference(s): all Hunters/Monsters Elite including all dlc characters, top 500 with trapper
Country: U.S.A.
Timezone: EST
Available Times to Play: Evenings and night
Notable Aspects: ESL registered, Level 40, never competed in tournament, top 500 trapper, been looking for a team
Tell me a little about yourself: Been playing since Beta. Love this game and love being a annoying laz and griffin


You are not me. WTF.


Gamertag: MRvipersquirrel
Position preference: Monster, any hunter, worse is trapper but im still good at it
Character Preference: any monster, except a kraken in a cavey map, and any hunters that suit the other team members, all rounder over here!
Timezone: GMT
Available times to play: most evenings 1800-2230 (maybe until 2330)
Notable aspects: Likes numbers - i weigh up tactics against various monsters, very decisive player. love the game and want to get into competitive
Tell me a little about yourself: I often school randoms, go into parties when im monster and advise them what to use when I’m smashing them - general hints like wait with the personal until being focused, support sunny needs to call out etc.


GamerTag: ZoMbIeS 746
Position Preference(s): :assault: :medic:
Character Preference(s): :hyde: lennox :markov_cute: :caira_cute: slim (I have all assaults and medics elite)
Available Times to Play: Most afternoons and evenings
Notable Aspects: Been playing since beta and love playing the game


Anyone Interested in doing the Community Tournament?


I would, but I have an all-day Bachelorette party this Saturday.


Yeah, I know, you guys hired me for the “entertainment” :wink:

But I also have to work Saturday’s so I’m going to see about getting every other one off to try and get this going.


GamerTag: Kawaii Dumpling
Position Preference(s): Monster / Assault
Character Preference(s): Goliath ( Elite ), Lennox, Hyde ( Elite ), Markov ( Elite )
Country: US
Timezone: Est
Available Times to Play: Anytime after 3 P.M.
Notable Aspects: Was also in Shear Dominance, played multiple mini tournaments as well.
Tell me a little about yourself: Names Matt, I love anime, I love games, and I love killing big ass monsters! X3


I am .o. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done anything competitive.


no worries, neither have we.

So far it’s Skills and I and we were going to play with some of the people in this thread, but we were waiting for more. I saw that you had some already in your post so worst case we can make a rag-tag team for this first one that neither skills nor I can compete in!


It’s a rough pick up for me, I only have Iris for Medic and one of my buds for a possible Support. But yeah, rag-tagging seems fine !


That’s fine with me, Skills is Trapper, I can play anything. I know Zep wanted to try and play some Monster with against some good teams, we could see if he wants in. Plus there are plenty of guys in this thread that want to play.

Since Skills and I can’t play this coming weekend you guy’s would have to find Subs, but you should see if Zep wanted to play Monster on Sat. Unfortunately I’d only be able to play at like 5pm on Sat the best I could do is be a Sub if someone had to leave early. That way it could be You, Iris, your friend and Zep, all you’d need was a Trapper.


omg I played Evolve for like the first time in months on my PC.
So epic, even just the jump in frame rate.


I saw that on steam lol


Yeah, I’ve had literally NOTHING to do for work this week so I play Evolve and I’m workin on my Daisy model.