New Wraith Variation


I am just curious does anyone know when an actual new wraith variation will be available and what’s its new abilities will be? Just curious


I don’t think it’ll be out for a while, I think we’re gonna get the rest of the Tier 2 characters first before the devs onto tier 3.

Edit: I was wrong, seems like they’re not moving in tier order, so wraith could be sooner than I thought, or potentially later


u aree probably right but whenthey listed future adaptations that founders receive they listed with the monsters a monster called the lurker so that may be the new wraith variation she may come with the teir 2 hunters but hey its anyones guess


Notice how Gorgon’s name was missing on that list. I’m pretty sure Lurker is just an old name for Gorgon.


You maybe right. Im just saying no one knows what TRS has up their sleeves. Tey alreasdy said they intend to do variations of all the exsisting characters & monsters.


& a little off topic but how do you guys feel about the changes to behemoth & Elder Kraken.