New Wraith elite skin - does it suck?


As a mainly Wraith player with 30/1(only loss was due to a bug), I really, really dislike the Wraith elite skin. The whole point of Wraith is to be sneaky, right? Then how does having a bright ‘here I am’ skin feel like a reward for completing her mastery? Good job, now here’s something to lower your chances of winning.

Many people complain about Wraith being OP, and that’s understandable.

Most don’t realize it’s her stealth that makes her strong, and not her abilities. Without it, her health melts faster than butter in a frying pan.

I can’t describe how many games I won by simply knowing when and where to hide, and when to stay still, and I’ve had many encounters where a whole team of hunters literally walked 5 meters from where I’m hiding, or jetpacked right over my head without noticing me and then went completely the wrong way while I backtracked and feasted on poor wildlife they left behind.

So, would it be possible to get the old Wraith elite skin back? Seriously, it was the best skin for her and by far the sneakiest for every environment(snow, desert, forest, rocks). Hell, I don’t care if it’s even a skin you can buy in the store, I’d get it right away.


Albino is her skin I think? And it does not suck at all…


The point of an elite skin IS to be flashy, it says ‘Here I am’.

If you want a stealth skin so bad, why don’t you just buy it from the store. There is literally a camoflauge skin in the store.


Because her basic one is the best. The camo skin you’re referring to is the bog one I think, and it is good for for forest environments, but bad everywhere else. The old elite skin, a slightly darker version of the basic one, was the best.

I’m not saying the albino skin is bad in any way, I think it looks pretty good, but I just think it doesn’t fit a stealthy monster at all.


Aah, I see.

Can’t really help you there then, the Carnivore and Wendigo skins are fairly dark but I don’t think they are as dark as what you want.

At least you have camo on the snow maps I guess.


What about Corpse Eater? Or Wendigo? Both are darker and more camouflaged than her regular skin, correct?

The monster elite skins are albino because elite wildlife is albino, and personally, I like how they did that a lot.

Anyways, I hope you have a fun time playing Evolve and have a good day. Happy hunting!


Never seen the old elite skin, does anyone have a pic of that?

Regarding the “white ninja” factor to this one I expected that, like the rest of the skins, they are not that evident in actual gameplay (though I do tend to change it according to the terrain type or vegetation).

Have you played against any Elite Albino monster and saw them better because of this?


Don’t know about albino yet, but man most skins are super noticeable on monsters.

Ever seen a Bog Monster? Instantly noticeable on the menu, albeit in game it blends in well with foliage.


Yeah, I wasn’t playing as one because of this but I don’t think it looks so bright even in other contexts. In any case one always shoudl hide in the shade and in bushes or corners, and also by the time you’re near the monster as to see it you’re probably hitting the trigger (damn Daisy).


I personally feel that the skins should be awarded on leveling up the wraith, and that i do not have to buy it. I already paid $60 dollars for the game i think i deserve to play all the monsters and modes.

Character and monster unlocks are silly imo, we should be able to play the characters we want right off the bat. Skins should be rewarded on level up instead.

But that issue aside, i think the skins should be flashier and not more camouflaged as this affects balance somewhat


In all I don’t think that in practice affect the balance that much, for either side of the visibility spectrum. Not sure if anyone would use “flashier” skins if they make them more visible (unless they’re bragging or want to make people scared, which does sound like fun :p)


i was thinking more of ‘fun’ skins like making the wraith look like a mecha or the goliath look like godzilla

I mean honestly this game is a pac-man simulator no need to take it so seriously =P


Uh, I wouldn’t like that kind of skin, I like the serious grim and gritty tone of the game as it is


The albino skin is supposed to be for those who feel extra confident in their abilities not meant to be stealthy doesn’t seem like it’s meant for you.


Well you play as a wraith so I really don’t feel bad for you.


That might be true, but then again shouldn’t elite skins be in line with the character?

Trappah, Wraith is only OP if hunters are bad. I played 5 games vs Wraith today and only lost once, and that one won with less than 5% health left.


Nah they tried that and the skins were underwhelming. You don’t give someone who his marginally good as a wraith character the ability to hide easier.