New Wraith Bug

Well now that I’m sufficiently pissed off allow me to share another bug I found.

Here’s the scenario:

Map: Aviary
Hunters: Slim + Hank + Abe + Markov
Monster: Wraith

As Wraith, apparently if you’re in the air and you get hit with the “Slow Monster” buff, it removes all of your momentum that you have and you stop dead in the air and slowly drift downwards.

I know this because I was caught in an evolve dome because of it. It then proceeded to happen endlessly until the combo of Slim + Hank had killed me.

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Do you have a video?

Nope, can probably replicate it though.

Final fight where the bug happened lasted all of about 45 seconds when I have no armor and everytime I used a traversal anywhere that is above the ground I would freeze, and fall to the ground. Didn’t get the chance to record it.

When i’ve played against the wraith lately i’ve seen sometimes she get’s like frozen mid air or drifts down slowly.

Recorded a video, it’ll be up in a few minutes.

For the record, if this isn’t a bug then this is an absurd slow to Wraith as it literally removes almost all momentum from Wraith and makes her as slow as a slug.

It was against vrach, the game in question was on his stream. I was only half paying attention so didn’t see the final fight in question.

I mention it only in case his streams are recorded/available to watch afterward.

Above is a video of giving the slow Monster buff to the bot Hunters and you can see whenever I’m in the air/sky Wraith literally just loses almost all momentum and plummets like a sack of bricks, she’s basically useless in this situation.

Thank you for the video! I’ll look into this today.

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If it helps out I’m glad to be of assistance :smile: