New Wildlife


Will we ever get new wildlife? i remember chris ashton talking about it a long time ago but i haven’t seen any updates on it


There’s been no official word of new wildlife coming. Not impossible, but not probable. At least for now.


It is unlikely, given the amount of time and work required to create them. Even things like ice lurkers, which are basically the kelders of reavers, would take quite a bit of time to make.


I’m sure TRS has plenty of concept art laying around for some extra wildlife who knows, maybe in a further TU.


They had a bunch more originally that were removed from the game for various reasons. Unless they could make those work I don’t see any more being added. But not impossible.


“New Wildlife”


Don’t know about new wildlife, but Chris has some footage of old stuff.


That doesn’t mean anything.


will there are new perks coming, confirmed… Maybe new wildlife with it :slightly_smiling:


I had a poll held for adding wildlife (from Evolve’s mobile game, Hunters Quest since it was concept and lore-friendly). From what people said, they can’t be added due to technical reasons.

One option I was a fan of was custom wildlife in new maps.

@Lmk held a poll on adding phantoms in the game, as normal wildlife and not an evacuation win/lose perk.