New Wildlife Buff Reference Image for 2.3.8


A friend and I compiled this through a combination of patch notes, lots of testing, macman posts, and some dumb luck. I believe everything here is accurate.

EDIT AGAIN AGAIN: Image updated for hopefully the last time! :smiley:

Buff information needs to be more clear

Very nice dude.


I don’t think the steamadon perk effects jetpack thrust. I think it slows walking movement. The megamouth buff has a grammatical error, says: “35% faster ability cooldown reduction”, whereas it should be “35% class ability cooldown reduction”.


It definitely does affect jetpack thrust. I’ve tested this first hand. Thanks for the heads up on the correction!


What exactly do you mean? I don’t think jetpack dodges are reduced by 90% in distance while being attacked.


I mean that if you hold down space bar you’ll go essentially nowhere when affected by the monster’s slow. Your jetpack’s power is reduced to almost nothing.


But jetpack dodges aren’t effected? What about normal movement?


The fact that it slows movement speed could definitely be stated more clearly re-reading my description. I’ll try to find out an exact amount. Jetpack dodges are not affected IIRC, but I actually did not write that down, and my memory is currently failing me in regards to that.


The mammoth bird buff also provides hunters with a 50% weapon swap speed increase, which isn’t mentioned in the chart.


Nice catch, will add that in the next version!


Only 50%? I thought it matched the hunter perk at 100%. I think the phrasing was a 50% reduction to weapon swap times which would be equal with an 100% increase to weapon swap speed.


You may be right. I don’t recall the exact wording, I was mainly pointing out that the information wasn’t present.


I believe the perk is actually 35% reduced reloads (keep in mind the difference between reducing the reload and increasing the reload rate) and 100% faster weapon swaps for the hunters.


Oh, you are correct. After the buff adjustments the reload speed was decreased. I didn’t notice that about the chart either.


My reload tests indicate that it’s 50%, but you very well may be right about the swapping, that wasn’t something I’ve tested at all.


Tests indicate this? Is the number provided when you pick up the buff incorrect then?


I’m guessing it is. I’ve actually stopped paying attention to those, since they aren’t very accurate. Take the reaver buff and the nomad buffs for example.


Are you sure? I believe patch 2.0.6 was supposed to nerf the reload to 35% reduction. Also in the link you posted it as an increase to the reload speed, which I believe is inaccurate.


I said it was 50% faster reloads. Am I missing something?


I believe the perk is a 35% reduction to reloads rather than a 50% increase to reload speed. Mathematically, a 35% reduction would be obtained by (1-.35) whereas a 50% increase to the speed would be 1/1.5.

Also I edited out the mistake you might be referring to in my post.