New Weapon Revealed


Someone from 2K just posted this:

Looks like we’re getting rockets!


Love to hear that the game can really come down to the wire. It’s never fun for the game to turn into a stomp, as could happen in L4D. Boring to be on either side of a stomp, no excitement in winning a stomp, super frustrating to be stomped.

As for the rocket, wonder if it’s a primary or a special weapon of a new hunter?


when is it?


I imagine primary, with maybe a shotgun or something as a secondary weapon since a rocket launcher isn’t reliable to use on its own


When is what?


when and where was it taken?


This screenshot? Today by me on twitter


I’m sorry but you keep saying “stomp”, what on Earth do you mean? :laughing:


A match that is a total wipe of the other team, or a one sided match


Aaaaaaah I seeeee, cheers man!

Get a few matches like that on TF2 and Titanfall sometimes, kinda sucks. :frowning:


Np, and I’m going to guess the rockets are a support weapon to replace the orbital barrage on another Support.


It could be anyone really. There could be a medic that focuses a lot on attack with a slight sacrifice to healing. I doubt it’ll be a trapper though, since I imagine the harpoon gun combined with rockets will be a good combination Turtle Rock wouldn’t want to miss


Other trappers won’t have the harpoon, they’ll have the mobile arena. Also, @SlabOMeat will the different hunters stay about in the same damage output for their respective class? Like how Griffin has an smg, the other trappers would have a similar damage output, or can other trappers end up dealing more damage?


Oh I know, I was just using that as an example :slight_smile:


Oh, I was about to say that you should know better by now lmao


I’m still hoping that one of the Hunters will have a decoy item! Like a device that creates a decoy hologram of themselves, place it randomly so it walks around and perhaps it can be upgraded to explode if say the Monster manages to attack it. My guess it would probably be a Support item, but I’m thinking too far ahead again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Only way to reveal it would be through the sense of smell detection thing, or it flickers occasionally.


Also, will all monsters have the smelling or something similar?


I think they will. It’s basically like the infected’s vision in L4D except that you control it in pulses as the monster instead of it being permanent.

I imagine it’s necessary to find food in a decent amount of time.

Also hologram decoy as a support item would be awesome, definitely love that idea.


Chris and I were there and saw this match.

Goliath was in mid leap smash, with only a tiny sliver of health left, when the rocket wizzed past his head, allowing him to crush the unfortunate hunter. It was epic. If that rocket had hit, monster would have died. About 35-40 people had crowded in to witness the outcome, and were not disappointed. I’ve gotta say, I enjoy watching Evolve almost as much as I enjoy playing it. It was a great event.