New War Gamemode


I think there should be a new gamemode for evacuation called war. You could make it that on the fifht day of evacuation you can choose defend or war. You could also make it that if the hunters are won the most matches then it would go to the war gamemode and if the monster wins most of the games then it automatically goes to defend.

The basis of the war game mode is instead of having hunters defend a generator, just have both sides go at each other. The hunters could have a bunch of colonists or Ebonstar soldiers on their side while the onster would have two minions. I’m not totally sure what the objective would be or how to balance it, but I think this idead at least deserves a look.


IF only the game could handle that … IT WOULD BE AMAZING!


I like this idea.


I hope they bring in at some point some new game modes but i doubt it.Regarding Evacuation i hate that if i win first 4 matches and loose defend which as a monster is likely it counts as loss i mean what the hell i win 4-1 and lose and don’t get trophy grrrrr lol


Sounds pretty cool.


Yeah same.


Awesome idea bro

I hope we get that… And maybe a 4v4 hunter game and 2v2/3v3 monster mode