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the thing with vr is ive yet to see a game which actually makes me want to buy the damn thing. Every game i see is just a stand here and look/shoot/interact/swordfight/build kind of thing with shallow gameplay hiding behind the 3d.


Have you tried a room scale game with the vive yet? It may change your opinion.


Could you go into detail a bit more? I have a Vive too but 90% because of the room scale idea. That’s where VR shines the most IMO.

Yeah, a lot of games are like that. But not all. I’ll give you an example. A long time ago, I purchased a small game on Xbox Live called - The Impossible game.

Anyhow, for me, it was one of the best $1 games ever! Comparing it for example to Evolve one of the most played games in my life, does it make that small game a bad experience? No, of course not. But, I know there are a lot of games that are bad, boring cost more and are just not as fun. Same thing applies to trying VR. Especially when it’s such a new technology and having limited access to it, sometimes, it’s really hard to adjust and see past the limitations. I’m an owner of HTC Vive and I’ve tried many, many different experiences and so far my favorite ones are only the ones that you actually do use room scale OR simulators. But, since I don’t have a steering wheel, nor do I have room for it anymore (I used to have one for Xbox 360) I still can see past some issues. Trust me, It’s the future. I’m just waiting for Holodeck type of thing where there are no more wires, no more issues with limitations of space… I’m waiting for Matrix… Probably not in my lifetime but who knows :slight_smile:
Besides, let’s be real, remember Pong? Yeah, because that was the crowd pleaser… You have to start somewhere…


yeah, you have to start somewhere im just saying that i have yet to see a VR game which justifies a purchase. For me all these VR headsets are just overpriced peripherals. It needs a systemseller a mario,zelda,witcher 3 or anything remotely AAA because right now im only seeing jumpscare,puzzle and wave defences and frankly those wont keep VR alive.
The controls are just too limited to realize the potential VR has.


Well it’s mainly because when the Vive was announced Palmer Luckey were more or less in my opinion shit talking about it when being interviewed and overall in my opinion being a douche.

I don’t want to support Facebook in any way either more than I already reluctantly do. And Oculus has employed the strategy of buying up Exclusives which annoys me. The business reasons for exclusives are perfectly sound and I understand why they are doing it, from both the developers and Oculus point of view, but that doesn’t mean that I like it or will support it. In my mind you should be competing with having the best hardware and let it shake it out from there. Not putting artificial restrictions in a way to “force” consumers to buy your product.

And finally I think the Vive is technically superior compared to the Rift even though the Rift might be more ergonomic.


Please tell us that you will be developing for the Vive too.


Holodeck type stuff? No worries, thats definitely on its way. The video was filmed live using a special camera integrated with a microsoft hololens that lets you see what the person wearing it is seeing.

Tis an early tech demo.


That’s my main reason for being here right now. “I can’t wait to throw some money at this” I love Face your Fears, and today purchased two of the doors in the game. My main issue is that in app purchases require an internet connection, while the base app doesn’t. Has anyone had the same issue or is it just me?


That’s a known issue - the app needs to connect online to verify that you have the correct licenses.