NEW VR TRS titles


Currently, it will not. It does, however, play on the Gear VR, which comes with the Galaxy S6 and S7!


Thanks for the quick response!

I assume it would play on an oculus rift?


Thanks for the support @DarKastlez!!


I’m your biggest fan.


Wat anime?


“Face your Fears” A.K.A “Queen’s Gorgon Revenge”.


On a side note, is there a trailer for Otherworlds?


Not sure when but we’ll have something soon I hope! I was messing around with 360 videos earlier this week to put up on YouTube :slight_smile:


They just uploaded a 360 teaser for Other Worlds! :slight_smile:


Ima get all da TR VR!


So why exactly are clowns scary? I don’t get it…


The Galaxy S7 will run the game so spectacularly, the phone will explode right in front of your eyes. This brings a whole new level to the notion of ‘facing your fears’~

Scary exploding batteries are scary~


stabs Dark

Eyes roll back


Back to normal

Oh hey Dark it seems you have been stabbed I can take you to a hospital if you need it


Yes please


Gotta clarify on this one… that was happening with the Galaxy Note 7, which is different from the S7.


I know that~ I just wanted to make a funny…

Can you forgive me?

I haz cupcakez…:cupcake:


I figured it was a joke, but I can’t help but correct >.<

There’s nothing to forgive!

But I’ll take a cupcake. Got some sparkling wine too? :champagne:


Only if you can bring some crackers and cheese~


Hahaha that’s the Note 7!

No worries about your face! <3


As a Vive-owner I would definitely pick this up if it were available :slight_smile: For personal reasons I won’t support Facebook/Oculus and that principle pre-dates the Palmer Luckey thing.