New version of Evolve


I REALY, REALY wish old Evolve comes back.Every update becomes more awfull. Sneak with monster doesnt even mater anymore,just remember those games playing with wraith sneaking all the time it was the true wraith.Glowing lights out of bufs, new maps variants that are not so good in my opinion, new hunter variants that SUCK, I mean Renegade Abe,Paladin Parnell…why not to make some new hunters? Not to mention lack of skill for trapper , just planetscan and here you go. Playing monster is so STRESFULL because you cant even evolve in peace anymore without hunters being on your tail! Everytime when playing monster I get so frustrated from this infinite loop of running and getting domed every few minutes! I just miss some old content from Evolve hope some of you agree! :frowning:


Just wait till tuesday. The old hunt mode from legacy is replacing ranked mode.


No, it’s not, it’s just going to be a “more pure” mode compared to arcade.


Im just curious, what does pure mean in this?


Yeah same!


All info about the new matchmaking will be in this thread. The main point I recall off the top of my head is that there will be Hunter and Monster separate queues, and parties will be able to play Monster in the “Arcade” queue.


They just mean no variant maps!


Ah, thanks, I hope there is more to it than that, gameplay wise.


No map variants and separate monster and hunter queue.


Yes,it would be great to have totally new hunters instead of variants.


I think that they are gonna do a variant for each character before making new ones.
Also, a new character take a lot of time to do, adaptions are faster and they can spit new content faster.


You got my hopes up here but yeah, it’s most certainly not legacy Evolve - sadly.

Such a waste to simply throw all that out and replace it with something so much shallower :frowning:


My bad. It was my understanding that we were getting legacy back. I was hopeful too


@Zachary_Ogburn for all we know legecy might be coming back as a new gamemode or as comp


Sneaking wraith is what drove away players from this game…in droves

[quote]you cant even evolve in peace anymore[/quote]…are you shitting me…


Guess you just gotta EVOLVE to the new gameplay :slight_smile:


I would think they’re making several adaptations before any new hunters or monsters.
New hunters cost a lot. They have to get all of the actors back in the studio plus the new actor. Unless this game starts making a ton of money you most likely won’t see any new characters.


Brand new hunters and maps take loads of time and money to create. TRS already said they would like to get out variations for all the characters before starting a new tier. They just recently started work on the new Bob and only have a rough idea of what he’ll look like and what his abilities will be.


Wait did you said trapper skills. Are you playing the same game as me? People right now doesn’t know what the fuck to do with the trapper. One has to either shout in the god damn mic “SCANNNNNNNNNNNNN you ***” or write politely, dude scan, dude scan, dude scan, dude why are you behind, dude? What are you doing. This is when the votekick oh the votekick that precious feature is needed.

So you want to change the trapper to the legacy version. Are you ok dude? Seriously…



I actualy cringed! But anyways thats on the traper to remember and its few of rhem that forget to scan!