New variations paid for maybe?


Now that the last of the season pass content is out I feel it is possible the new Adaptations will be paid for. With elder kraken being in the game right now but not playable in at least solo like meteor Goliath was I have my worries. It is just as possible that elder kraken is just there as a place holder while they finish tweaking him. Still without something to earn money because I am sure skins sell less than hunters and haven’t been coming out as often as they use to I could see them charging for new adaptations. Honestly though as long as the price for them is reasonable and the adaptation is significantly different from the original I won’t mind paying for them. I just want the adaptations to be better than say Meteor Goliath which functions identically to Goliath just different damage output. Elder Kraken is defiantly a step in the right direction.


“All adaptions are free” :smiley:






Exactly the response I expected.


Case closed.


I believe at least T1-T3 will be free. Adaptations for DLC characters may need to be purchased, we don’t know for sure. But I’d buy them all! :moneybag: