New user here. Need a little help and direction

I just made a my2k account and am downloading the patches. Apparently it’ll take about 2 days. If I play solo and use (well, unlock first) Kraken and use his Lightning Strike, will I be able to contribute to the challenge? Apologies if there’s a better category for this. This is my first topic and post.

If i rmember right, you have to be connected to a server to contribute, so I don’t think playing solo will do that (though it’s pretty confusing. I don’t know if youll get the skin by playing solo though.

I’d probably check out this thread if you had more questions

you need at least 1 online match for it to count,dang, magic, nina of the day

Well if your 2k account is linked to your console/PC then all you have to do to earn the skin is just play in a public online game(no solo sorry) you don’t have to use the Lightning Strike in order to win the skin. Happy hunting!

Fairly certain solo counts.

Nope, unless its some weird solo game that is connected to online which rarely ever happens.

Huh, I thought as long as you were connected it would count. Okie dokie.

The news website says that it does every week, but trs devs have said that it doesnt (hence the confusion to some people)

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Dang. I need to wait until the patches download before I can play online. I guess I won’t be getting the Frostbite skin, then…:frowning:

Like I said, I’m not certain on the qualifying for skins part, just the contributing part. So another forumer may know the answer to that better than me

Ok so yes solo does count BUT you must connect to online servers. So when the title come up, you press the key and says connecting to online servers, please wait. once thats done, you can play solo and it will count HOWEVER, you must download the patches :frowning:

I figured. I guess I won’t be getting the skins this week, then. :disappointed: