New Update With The Forums?


Just happened to have the forums do some weird intercept with loading and then this appeared:

Is this a new thing I firstly discovered?

Polls Disappearing and Reappearing

I’m guessing this isn’t a mobile thing, for I can’t see it.


Or it hasn’t taken place yet, It literally probably just happened for PC users

  • Did I do it right?
  • Did I do it wrong?
  • Did I just make a poll using a new thing?

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I kinda like it though, it makes it so easier so I don’t have to scroll all the way down to unwatch a topic or reply



I see it too…


It is a new thing!

Polls are super easy now!

  1. I don’t see what you are talking about
  2. How did you know something was different with the polls?


See it now?

  • No
  • I
  • Don’t
  • :stuck_out_tongue:

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EDIT: That’s so cool!

Say Something Random 2
  • this
  • still
  • doesn’t
  • make
  • sense
  • to
  • me
  • lord
  • send
  • help
  • pls
  • ehhhhh

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  • Pool
  • Poll
  • Polo
  • Loop
  • Lopp

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  • Tehdusma
  • Ajaiznaai

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Neat. Still not sure why the scrolly thing on the right side of the screen is here though.


Hi all!

Alan from Discourse here :slight_smile:

The new timeline that you’re seeing is something we’ve just rolled out :slight_smile:


Is their a deactivation for this awesome new timeline that some weird people like @Maximumlimit15? want? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: @tgxworld I also highly think their should be a quick uh I don’t know what to call it but it’s this thing:

What's this called again? Still don't know but it'd be easier

Sorry for bugging you and thanks for letting us know about the cool timeline :slight_smile:


It’s been in the works, we finally go the update

EDIT: Ninja’d by Discourse :unamused:


It’s post number 14 :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Ninja’d by your mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:


Been waiting for this update for almost a month :smiley: Glad it’s out!
I mentioned it to the Mods/Leaders a while back


If you size your browser narrow enough in width, you won’t get the vertical timeline, as there isn’t room for it – you will get the previous mobile progress bar that docks to the bottom.

  • Dat
  • Boy
  • Ain’t
  • Right
  • Make America Great Again

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Hey, this is pretty neat!